King Trumpet Serial Number Lookup

YAMAHA - Complete Cornet/Trumpet/Flugel Horn Model and Serial List. Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by AlfaFreak, Feb 22, 2012.

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The development of a serial number list has been very difficult because of the lack of official records. White kept very detailed records but when the company was sold to the Seeburg Corporation all official records were destroyed. When looking up the age of your instrument, complete the following steps: (1.) Find your instruments catalog page and year that the catalog was made. Pay special attention to the small details on your instrument because most artists drawings account for unique changes and features. (2.) Compare your findings to the serial number list.

Please keep in mind that most catalogs were dated on the back and should be trusted more than the serial number list. After 1966, all instruments were manufactured in Eastlake and engraved with 'King Musical Instruments.' 1/01/2008 We have reevaluated the serial number list to reflect new information.

The number of instruments produced in the early years 1893-1905, has been reduced. The serial number lists are NOT 100% accurate.