Lightsaber Special Effects Free

So this can be your one-stop resource (with links to free software, tutorials, etc.) without having to waste time trying to find everything you need to add Lightsaber effects to your film. Cinelinx's Ultimate Lightsaber Tutorial Resource. All Lightsaber Sounds in both Wav and MP3 formats Here are the sounds that have been tagged with Lightsaber free from

If your picture has a stick where the blade should be, you can skip this step. But if your pic is like mine and has just the hilt and nothing to tell you where the blade should go, you need to create a reference point so the blade does not look crooked. Take the (insert) tool and make a strait line from the bottom of the handle to the top of where you want the light saber to be. Make sure the line runs straight down the middle of the handle. Next make a white spot by the top of the line.

This is going to be the reference point. Now you are ready to make the outline of the lightsaber blade.

In the right tool bar you will see that there are two layers. Make sure the top layer that is black is selected. To make the blade outline select the Paths tool.

This will make an outline of where you want the blade to be. (If you are using a pic with a stick as a reference then you just need to trace around the stick.) Once you have the outline done on the top tool bar go to select, from path. This will make a dotted line around the outline.

Now take the fill bucket and fill the blade outline to white. Now go to select, none and the dotted line will go away. The Gaussian Blur is the affect that I use to make the blade look like it is glowing. You will need to make a blur effect on all three layers of the blade but at different levels. The picture below will help out with this step.

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First make sure the bottom blade layer is selected. Now on the top tool bar select Filter, Blur, Gaussian Blur and a new window will open. In this window there are numbers that you can change to control how blurry the blade will be.

The reason for the three copies of the layer is that you start will a small blur then get bigger with the other layers. In picture three it shows where the numbers are to change. Start out with a low number like 20 for both of the fields then click ok. You will see a small difference in the blade. Repeat this step with the other two layers and increase the numbers to 40 then 100 on the last one. Now comes the best part.

You now get to decide what color you want to make it. Make sure that the one saber layer is selected. On the top tool bar click on Color, Color Balance. This will bring up the color balance window. In the window you will see three sliders that will change the color of the blade. Once the color of choice is selected click on OK. Now zoom out all the way and take a look at the full picture.

If you like what you see you can merge down the last layer so there is only one layer left. You can save at this point. If there is more than one lightsaber in the picture then you can repeat the steps for the next blade.

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