Lotus Bicycle Serial Numbers

I found: Lotus Bicycles is/was based in Pennsylvania: Last known mailing address/telephone number below: Lotus Bicycles Post Office Box 21924 Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania +800-841-0123 Founded in 1979 They had a website in 2000: www.lotusbike.com but it is no longer registered/active. They manufactured bicycles & frames for road & track use. From what I read it used to be a pretty good brand - what one might buy if they were a dedicated amateur rider but not uber-rich. But apparently they never made it out of the early 90s, when frame-building technology changed (and it became impossible to compete on price with the larger automated manufacturers). Here is a web site on them.

Serial Numbers [1]. Centurions (except the Cinelli Centurion) have serial numbers on the underside of the bottom bracket shell. One way to date a Centurion is to try to find date codes on the bike's components. Good question. The short answer is that it takes a bit of detective work to date your vintage Lotus. Many bike builders code the date of manufacture into the serial number of the frame, but Lotus serial numbers seem.

Your Lotus Explorer was introduced in 1987 and is not a common bicycle. We do not know if the bicycle was offered past 1987, but by then Lotus as a bicycle company seems to have been winding down their production. 1988 versions of 1987 models are not common. Lotus was known more for their road bikes and it seems their BMX models and some of their ATB models are not found very often.

The first Lotus ATB was the Pegasus introduced around 1983-ish, then they added the more affordable Viking to the line by 1986. In 1987 Lotus jumped to 6 ATB models, the Pegasus, Cherokee, Viking, Explorer, Express and Commuter (listed from the top of the line to entry level). The Explorer had a suggested price of $359.95 in 1987 and came in Crimson and Forest Green.

Lotus advertised the bike as 'moderately priced with true off-road designing and componentry'. The bicycle also featured 2' tires, oversized Cro/Mo tubing and 15-speed gearing. I think $200.00 was an okay price to pay for the bike and it should suit your needs well.

The chart below is a list of known vintage Lotus models. Clicking on the highlighted model will jump you to the page with that particular model's information. We are consistantly adding model information, trivia and photos as new information is uncovered. The photos are, for the most part, used bicycles. We've tried to show bikes in original condition whenever possible, but a photo of a used bicycle is not necessarily an an accurate reference as to originality. We collected many of these photos for our personal research before we had any idea of hosting a dedicated vintage Lotus bicycle website. Unfortunately, we don't have all the original photo credits.

If we are using your photo, please consider it a compliment as we have thousands of photos that are not quality enough, or interesting enough to post. We'd be happy to credit your photo if you spot your bike, or remove the photo at your request. We are working toward attributing the photos on the site as we update them. Please don't hesitate to write if you aren't finding the photo or information you are searching for, we have a lot of information that hasn't made it onto the site, for various reasons. Much previous information about Lotus bicycles is word of mouth or conjecture, we hesitate to actually publish any information here without at least reasonable proof of accuracy.

If you would like your bike included in the model reference gallery we'd be thrilled to consider your photos if you send along some information through the link. Our plan for this page is to house a database of information about Lotus bikes when they were stock, original and new. We'll eventually have fan pages for those who love their bike as it is now, either in all of it's pristine originality, all of it's customized glory, or rusty and rescued from the dumpster. We like them all! (ATB) is 'All Terrain Bicycle', part of Lotus' Town and Country Series, aka mountain bikes, off-road, or city bikes.

R suffix model numbers are road bikes and M suffix model numbers are off-road/mountain bikes. (PC) Bicycles built by Pacific Cycles in Taiwan introduced circa 1982-83, including the Elan, Elite and some examples of the Special and Prestige. This does not include the Elan 75 or the Elite 600, both made by Tsunoda in Japan. Download lagu home michael buble.

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