Madlib Dudley Perkins Expressions Instrumentals Rarity

Artist: madlib. Track: come here my dear. Album: dudley perkins 'expressions' instrumentals. On: Ben Allen Thu, Sep 7, 2017. Track: i found that essence rare.

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Album Stones Throw STH2074

Description:Pacman multiplayer 240 320 download. Madlib's instrumentals for Dudley Perkins' A Lil' Light.
Exclusive on side 4 of the vinyl: 'Dudley Speaks'- Dudley Perkins live with Yesterdays New Quintet, recorded live at The Bomb Shelter, produced by Madlib
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Song TitleArtistProducerPrice
1. Momma (Instrumental)Dudley PerkinsMadlib
2. The Light (Instrumental)Dudley PerkinsMadlib
3. Money (Instrumental)Dudley PerkinsMadlib
4. Washedbrainsyndrome (Instrumental)Dudley PerkinsMadlib
5. Yo' Soul (Instrumental)Dudley PerkinsMadlib
6. Muzak (Instrumental)Dudley PerkinsMadlib
7. Falling (Instrumental)Dudley PerkinsMadlib
8. Solitude (Instrumental)Dudley PerkinsMadlib
9. Lil' Black Boy (Instrumental)Dudley PerkinsMadlib
10. Lord's Prayer (Instrumental)Dudley PerkinsMadlib
11. Just Think (Instrumental)Dudley PerkinsMadlib