Malayalam Movie Free Downloading Sites

Here is the list of Best Malayalam Movie Download Websites 2017 which you can use to download and watch Malayalam movies. List Of Malayalam Movie Download Websites 2017. If you search through Google like “Download Malayalam Movies 2017” you may be landed in a garbage of waste sites with full of advertisements and surveys. For downloading a movie you need to wait for hours to search for genuine websites.

EDIT: There are many websites now providing HD Malayalam movies download and it’s better not to download or use any CAM prints of new movies as you may fall into legal troubles. You can also suggest the best site which you think to download the movies in the comment section. Let us start with a fresh topic about movies. Everyone loves movies as they provide entertainment and way to enjoy with our friends and family. Here I am with “ Best 5 Malayalam Movie Download Websites 2017” which you can use to download/watch movies. First of all, this tutorial is only for educational purposes only and I strictly insist you to watch new movies in theaters only. Then why I came up with this topic?

Recently when I was working I came to hear about a nice movie which was released in the 90s. My friend told me about the movie and I like it very much. I want to watch the movie and started searching all over the internet.

But no hope for me as I end up in some shitty sites with full of ads. After days of searching with terms such as “How to Download latest Malayalam Movies 2017 Online” or “Where to download Malayalam movies 2017” finally I got the movie. Then I thought about posting an article which will help you to download/stream movies and here we go. So in this article, I will cover the following topics:-. List of Malayalam Movie Download Websites 2017. List of Malayalam Movie Streaming Websites 2017.

How to Download Malayalam Movies 2017 Sometimes we miss some of the best movies in theatres and the only way to watch those movies is by streaming online or downloading it. Hope you will enjoy the article. Let’s run 🙂. Contents. Evil dead 2013 full movie in hindi. List Of Malayalam Movie Download Websites 2017 If you search through like “Download Malayalam Movies 2017” you may be landed in a garbage of waste sites with full of advertisements and surveys. For downloading a movie you need to wait for hours to search for genuine websites.

To make things easy, I will share some of the best Malayalam Movie Download Websites, which you can use to download movies. I will share the list of websites. But you have to know one thing. It is illegal to download pirated copies of movies from the internet as you may land in trouble.

I am not responsible for any such actions. 1.Youtube Everyone knows about Youtube as it is the largest video library available on the internet. You can watch latest Malayalam Movies 2017 on Youtube for free. Youtube has almost every movie and you can easily watch Malayalam Movies Online without any problems. It is easy to find Malayalam movies through Youtube by searching them. is the successor or clone of, the famous torrent search engine which is no longer available. You can use the clone to search for the list of Malayalam Movies 2017.

This method will give you only the torrent links and you need a torrent client to download it. I hope you all had it 🙂 3.

Tamilrockers Tamilrockers is another website which provides new Malayalam movies online. They provide the direct link as well as torrent links of movies. They also had the camera prints of new movies, which is better to avoid. Apart from pirated copies they had a huge collection of old movies which is very easy to find and download. It is highly illegal to download new movies as you may face legal problems. Instead, you can download old movies from the site. Zippymoviez is one of the websites which provide new Malayalam movies to download and watch online.

But it has also pirated camera prints of new movies, which may cause legal problems. It is daily updating and you can download the DVD RIPs of new movies from it.

They also provide direct downloading links and torrent links which helps to download or watch Malayalam movies online. You can use these websites to download the Malayalam movies. Some of these websites provide direct downloading link as well as torrent links.

You need a torrent client to download Malayalam movies from torrent. I hope you have it 🙂 List Of Malayalam Movie Streaming Websites 2017 Many streaming websites are coming day by day and streaming reduces the time to download. Now you can get the list of Malayalam Movie Streaming Websites 2017 from our blog. Majority of people now prefers to stream the videos and music online as you don’t need to wait for download as well as you can save the memory of your device.

List of Malayalam Movie Streaming Websites: Here is the list of websites from which you can download or stream Malayalam movies online. Many websites are born every day and you can make use of the genuine websites to watch the movies. With the increased use of mobile phones, everyone prefers to watch and download Malayalam movies on mobile. The above websites are mobile optimised and you can easily download movies right from your mobile. List of Torrent Websites To Download Malayalam Movies 2017 Some of you love torrent and you need to download Malayalam movies from torrent. I will give you some of the working torrent websites to download Malayalam website. The government blocked main torrent websites in India and still, you can some of the clones or new torrent websites to download movies. The Torrent websites will come and go day by day. I will update the list regularly so that you can download Malayalam movies online for free.

Many websites are available to download and watch movies. Some of them are your favorites and you can share your favorite websites in the comment section. Conclusion: List Of Malayalam Movie Download Websites Hope you get the list of right websites to download movies. Again I am telling you that it is illegal to download prints of new movies as you may land in trouble. You can download old movies from these websites and enjoy watching with your friends.

You can also share your personal favorite websites with us so that we can also make use of it. I hope you enjoyed reading the article. Apart from Malayalam movies, these list of websites also provides other language movies also. You can search List of Hindi Movie Download Websites 2017 to get more information. I will be back with another one and let’s end this.

Regrettably, watching these movies can be annoying as you’ll be faced with pop-up advertisements and slow buffering. The option of downloading is better so you can watch hassle free. We all can attest to the fact these genre of movies are really interesting and if you missed an episode on tv, you should try and catch up with it. If you’re a fan of Mollywood movies or you simply wish to know the websites to download Malayalam full movies, we have compiled a list for you. In this article, you’ll discover the best sites to download new Malayalam movies online. Our list covers the websites that allow you to watch the latest releases. So if you’re looking for that special website that offers you these services for free, check our list below and we hope you find them useful.

Sites to Watch Latest Malayalam Movies Online 1) Abc Malayalam.TV The site is filled up with the latest movies for free. It is one of the easiest ways to find and watch the best Malayalam movies on the web. Users can watch their favorite movies online on their laptops, desktop, iPhone and Android phones. In fact, there is no limit to the content you will find on this site.

The site boasts a simple design and right from the homepage you get a direction of how to find what you need. The Download Menu is ordered into years such that you can find 2017, 2016 and 2015 Movies as soon as you land on the site. Just search for your favorite shows and movies or browse through their extensive catalog, pick the content you want to watch and start playing it. Advertisements 2) CinemaVilla Cinema Villa is the place to the various genres of movies including comedy, drama, action, and thriller. This site offers a collection of free movies.

The special feature about this site is that have a collection of Malayalam dubbed Hollywood movies for those who speak the language. The site is mobile optimized and it is where to go when you need to watch a dubbed English film. Bid farewell to the days of waiting in line to sit in a crowded theater with people talking on their cell phones, slurping cola and munching down popcorn.

So, download Malayalam Movies Now and TV shows on your phone or tablet when you visit CinemaVilla. 3) Vidmate has a user-friendly interface that makes you stay on the site worthwhile. A great platform for movie lovers. There is also a search option and preferences for you to easily locate your best videos.

It is a one-stop site where you can watch films infinitely. The interesting part is that all the videos are offered in high quality (HD) so you’re sure of having clear display and sound of your Malayalam videos. If your interest is to watch old Malayalam movies, Vidmate is a good site for that. You can simply key-in the movie in the search option and download it into your device.

4) HotStar is an amazing site that allows you to see films online. It offers you videos in high quality and has a user-friendly interface for smooth navigation.

If you wish to watch Malayalam movies online, HotStar allows you to do so provided your device’s operating system is Android or iOS. On HotStar, there’s the possibility of locating the best films of all time if you know how to use the search option. 5) Boxtv is the place to be if you hope to download new Malayalam movies online. The impressive feature on this site is its nice interface and well-optimized search preferences.

There’s a possibility of locating films on the site by using the”movie” search option. Boxtv also allows you search for the best movies of the year by typing the name of the actor or genre. You can also sort videos by their popularity or by choosing to watch the recent collection of films. Boxtv does not limit its scope to Malayalam movies because you can also watch Telugu, Tamil and Marathi movies on the site. If you’re looking for a top site, you should make Boxtv your preference. Boxtv offers you new movies such as Vellithira and Hisss. Its user-friendly interface allows you to stream on the site or download it to your device if you wish to watch it later.

6) TamilMv TamilMv is another great site to watch new Malayalam movies online. If you wish to stream, it offers you the opportunity of watching in 720P HD. TamilMv has wide range collections of clips that you’ll like. Its user-friendly interface and quick downloads combine to make the site the best to download shows online. You can download the latest in the industry such as Orayiram Kinakkalal and Sukhamano Daveede on TamilMv.

The only downside you might find here is the huge storage options the movies come with but you’re sure of getting high-quality movies from TamilMv. 7) TimesofIndia You should have this site in mind when making a choice of sites to download new Malayalam movies online. There’re probably amazing sites out there that can offer you same features as TimesofIndia but this site is unique on its own. TimesofIndia supplies you the best news related movies so you can be abreast of upcoming movies. Once you click on a movie, the list of its cast and as a synopsis of the selected movie is provided. Some pictures culled from the movie are also placed on the sidebar for your viewing pleasure. This gives you an insight of what the movies are all about and will help you make an informed decision of downloading the movie or not.

Popular and box office videos are also provided on the site. If you wish to stream without downloading, TimesofIndia allows you to do so. If you’re looking for latest info about movies such as Aashiq Vanna Divasam and “Ranma: Detroit Crossing”, you are likely to find these using the Trending Now and Box Office options on the site. 8) MassWap MassWap is a wapka site that offers you some good Malayalam movies.

You don’t have to register before you access the site. MassWap has a nice interface and you can locate the on its front page. Have you ever sought for a site that allows you make requests for movies? MassWap allows you to make your request for your the videos by placing your suggestion in its “ Request Box”.

It is quite hard to watch videos directly on MassWap but you’re sure of getting a great experience when you download. You can also use the search box to find the movie you’re looking for. For every film on its site, MassWap provides you with the year it was produced and its storage size. 9) Dvdwap Dvdwap is a wapka site with a user-friendly interface for easy navigation. You can also download Hindi and Bollywood movies here at the lowest storage size. If you want to make a movie request, you’re to join its Telegram channel and if your request is considered, the requested movie will be sought for and added to its large database.

Dvdwap eases your movie search by offering a movie category and search buttons. Latest Malayalam movies such as Swathanthryam Ardharathriyil are available for download on Dvdwap. 10) YouTube We can’t make a list of best sites to watch any film clip on the internet without making reference to the most popular video site, YouTube. YouTube is the best website to watch Malayalam movies for free legally. YouTube features a lot of movies and you’re sure of locating your favorite movies in the Malayalam language. The problem here is those old movies might not be available on YouTube but aside from this, you can watch the new ones on YouTube at no additional cost. 11) Filmlinks4u On this great site, you’re allowed to watch your favorite videos.

If you’re looking for a website that allows you easy access to unlimited movies without registration or payment of fees, Filmlinks4u is the best pick. At the moment, this site is ranked as the most visited in the whole of India and that should tell you of its popularity and rich content. The site has a nice interface that makes it easy to be accessed through the mobile and PC devices. Once you click on your chosen movies, you’ll get to see some vital information on that movie. The Cast, Director, Genre, and Language used in the movie are listed beside the movie.

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You’re also presented with the number of times (views) the movie had gathered and you can access people’s opinion of the movie through the Rating feature beside the movie. If you’re looking for a website that where you can find entertainment shows, Filmlinks4u is the answer. You can also download the movie if you wish to watch it offline. 12) Movierulz This is a wapka site that features the best Malayalam movies and you can easily locate the one you’re looking for.

You’ll see the search option on top of the site and on its homepage, the list of available movies is classified such as Bollywood, Tamil, Telugu, and so on. The right-side panel of the site shows the list of updated and recent movies. When you click on the picture of a movie, the Writers and Directors of the movie are displayed after the page loads. Some casts featured in the movie and the movies’ genre is also listed.

You can choose to download Malayalam movie in high quality or low quality. 13) Desimartini Another amazing site that loads almost at the speed of light and its navigation is superb. On the homepage is the ranking of movies with pointers to the latest Movies, Reviews, and Videos. This allows you to locate shows easily. Once you locate and click the movie, the page load and you’ll be able to see the list of casts and the director of the movie. The interesting thing here is that you can write a review and rate any movie of your choice on this site.

At the bottom of the site, you find a list that helps you locate videos faster. Desimartini is only designed for you to watch Malayalam movies online. 14) Olangal The site has a friendly interface and its classifications are simple and superb.

On the homepage, you’ll find the classifications of available movies on its database such as Hindi movies, shows, films and Tamil videos. The site also allows you locate classic movies and you can do this through many options such as using the search bar on top of the site or by using the movies by year option in the right-side panel. Latest Malayalam movies such as Krishnam and Aadhi are available on the site.

You can even access the classics such as Parava on Olangal. 14) Einthusan.Tv Einthusan is a top entertainment site. A visit to the site will assure you of its user-friendly interface. You don’t have to be stressed out before you locate your movies on Einthusan. Its homepage features other Indian movies such as Hindi, Telugu, Kannada and Punjabi. The homepage also features other classifications such as Rating, Popularity, Year and Cast.

Einthusan allows you to watch latest Malayalam movies and rate the movie or write a comment on your feelings towards the movie you just watched. 16) Domovies I really like the site. Its user-friendly interface, fast loading, and other impressive features make it a great movie streaming site. A click on any movie gives you great details and you needn’t watch the movie to know what really because its synopsis is superb. Below the movie, you’ll have its date of release, cast, and director.

The site also allows you to write comments on your observations of the movie and you can also share it with your friends on social sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Domovies also classifies its movies into their different categories such as Telugu, Tamil, and Bollywood. The site also features a search bar and you can search using the genre and release year options. 17) Moviezmania Moviezmania is another site. If you wish to watch the movie online, you can use the stream in HD option but if you wish to watch it offline, the download in HD option will help you out. You can locate movies on the site using the genre option and every movie on the site has the view, genre and director options.

18) Tormalayalam This is obviously the one-stop site to download any show of your choice. Tormalayalam specifically offers top movies and its large database contain the latest and some classic old movies. You can choose to watch the movie online or using the torrent downloads option. Each movie contains the writer, screenplay cast and other casts that featured in it.

The producer, director, cinematographer and sound casts are also displayed beside the movie. 19) Movies Rockers Movies Rockers is another site to download new Malayalam movies.

You’ll find the synopsis, cast and trailers of each video on the site. You’re also offered the options of downloading the movies for offline viewing and you can also share them with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. 20) Keraladay Keraladay has huge collections of the best Malayalam movies. Popular movies such as Kuttanadan Marpappa and Swathanthryam Ardharathriyil are available on Keraladay. Keraladay allows you to watch without registration or additional costs. 21) Movies Weed Movies Weed is the hub for Malayalam movie lovers.

Movies Weed hosts many films and you can sort using the browse movie by actor, browse by actress and browse by director search options on top of the site. The site features many movies classifications such as Gujarati, Marathi, Hindi, Malayalam, and Kannada. You can choose to watch or download for each movie you find interesting. 22) Mastihunt If you’re on the lookout for a site to view movies online without any additional cost or registration, Mastihunt is one of them. Mastihunt features many Malayalam movies and you can watch them online without registering on the site or download them for offline use if you don’t have the time to watch it online. Below each movie, you will find its release year, genre, language, cast, and director. 23) HDMovie16 HDMovie16 offers you the latest films and you can also find old ones on the site.

There are classifications for its movie collections such as and you can choose the one that appeals to you. You can watch the trailer of each movie through a YouTube redirect or download it to your device if you cannot watch it online. HDMovie16 is a great platform and you might even find some thriller movies that date back to 2005 on the site. Conclusion Malayalam movies are making waves in the Indian movie industry and have wide acceptability outside India. Finding the best site to download new Malayalam movies online is usually hard so we compiled a list for you.

The sites we have here are well-researched and though many other sites are out there, the ones we have on our list are the best sites available online and we hope you find them useful. These movies can be downloaded on your mobile phones and computers using any of the sites on this list.