Mauser Serial Numbers

I own a rifle with the inscription Mauser Oberndorf a.N. The serial no. Is XXXX, caliber information not available. What model is this; when was it produced; what. Sweden adopted a Mauser carbine in 1894 and a Mauser rifle in 1896, both chambered for the 6.5x55 cartridge. Also in 1896, Germany experimented with Mausers of various calibers. As a result of these experiments, Germany adopted an improved 7.9 mm. Mauser rifle in 1898.

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Mauser Serial Numbers

Hey guys I will update this thread as new data is received. I will also try and keep it clean with no clutter. You can post data or email me direct. I delete the direct posts with just SN data and keep any ones dealing in features or unique aspects. Thanks to PAUL SHOMPER (Graf) for submitting a huge pile of SNs.

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You are the man!! RC denotes Russian Capture. 1933: 0262 DR 0321 DR, numbers on handle 0852 DR, numbers on handle 1176 DR 1569 DR, unit marked 15.69. (numbers on handle) 1845 DR, unit marked Bz.15.238 (cancelled 13.345)(bolt SN on handle) 1927 DR, unit marked Bz.15.90 (cancelled 13.427)(bolt MM, Gunbroker Ranchill) Ed note: Gap here may represent export contract range. 50323 (RC) Rec Side Mark 'Standard Modell 1924' 50550 DRP Rec Side Mark 'Standard Modell 1924', x out Bln in sling well (Berlin police) 50617 DRP Rec Side Mark 'Standard Modell 1924' 51000 DRP Rec Side Mark 'Standard Modell 1924', sling well city code is Kosl (Koslin) 51312 DRP Rec Side Mark 'Standard Modell 1924', no city code, cartouche is 57 DRP 52643 DRP Eft.

(Erfurt) 54675 DRP Brsl. (Breslau) 55760 DRP 56429 Action only 56561 DRP, SchW. (Schweinfurt), Bolt numbers on handle (stem) 56617 DRP Bln., (Berlin) Disk Added 57853 DRP Eft, Stock 56 DRP, Stock 508306 (w/vet inscribed plaque) GB 7 DRP, Poulin 2/08 0 59862, DRP, matched; sling; Mauser muzzlecover, issued to Minden. Captured at Beilefeld. 60100 DRP DRP & Mind stamped in keeper well,no TD,matched,bolt # on stem, mauser marked muzzle cover, sling. 61117 DRP 61581 Disk Added, Unit mark 5.A.R.4.97 62082 DRP 62239 DRP 63064 DRP, Stock # 603064, SN on handle 63493 Action only.

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63643 DRP 63858 DRP 63862 DRP Dssd. (Dusseldorf), SN on handle 63939 DRP 63941 RC 64268 DRP, stock disk added, depot mark Eagle Nmg4 (Bolt SN on handle), Stock 6: 65346 DRP, (Kbg city code), SN on bolt top 65473 DRP 4 66381 DRP Gunboards Mauser Forum 7/08 (Kbg City code) 66407 SN on bolt handle 66563 DRP (DRP Gmb in sling well - Gumbinnen, bolt SN top) 67863 DRP (DRP Klrh in sling well - Karlsruhe) 68221 DRP 68490 DRP, SN on bolt handle (GB Oct. 09) Matched, Cartouche No.