Metus Host Booter Bot Executable

Hack Servers Using Host Booting (Booters, Bots, Botnets and DoS, DDoS). XR Host Booter. Sign up HERE and make a redirect host to your IP address. Open up MeTuS. This is the Metus host booter. It is the most comprehensive, easy to use host booter out there, with easy 3 click bot creation and many fun commands.

This is the Metus host booter. It is the most comprehensive, easy to use host booter out there, with easy 3 click bot creation and many fun commands.

This booter is so powerful you only need a few bots to boot someone, and the Bot file below contains between 30 and 40 linked bots, so you can be booting kids out in less that 5 seconds! Note the bots can be used for biozombie/xr/metus host booters, they are totally universal. These are the links - ALL ANTI-VIRUS OR FIREWALLS MUST BE TURNED OFF OR THE FILES WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO RUN OR CONNECT TO THE BOOTER.

THE FILES WILL COME UP AS A VIRUS BECAUSE THEY HAVE TO CONNECT TO YOUR DNS. Also vista users must run as administrator. MSWINSCK - (NEEDED TO RUN BOT AND BOOTER)(copy this to the folder where the booter and bot are before you run them, and copy it to system 32 folder) - Bot installer to get 30-40 bots - Metus Host Booter - Search Cain & Abel in google. Its from If anyone needs further help (i.e opening ports/using bot installer) send me a message on this youtube account ill be glad to help.

Lo strano mondo dei materiali metallici download youtube. THIS TUTORIAL WORKS FOR XBOX LIVE CALL OF DUTY, I HAVE NOT TESTED THIS ON THE PC VERSION, I WOULD ASSUME THE EFFECT WOULD BE THE SAME Host Booting? Host booting is being able to kick anyone offline that you please or take down a website. Computers that download your bot become your zombies and your attack an ip with 20,000+ packets and causes them to go offline.

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Host booting is mainly used on games like halo, cod4, ect. I you want to take websites down tho I'd recommend you build botnet, teheres a bunch of great tuts on here just search! Go to and register.


Use a real email because you will be asked to confirm it. After that you log in and click 'Add Host'. Make your host Two LETTERS and 1 NUMBER, something like It must be to work on this tut.

After your done with your no-ip account you will need Metus. Metus is the host booter your gonna be needing to do this job. Download here: To build your server on metus: on the top right hand corner click 'File'Buil Server' type your in and click create host and save it.

Now that is your bot that your need to spread. Forward your ports. For Metus to be able to get incoming connection from infected computers you will need port 3176 forwarded. To portforward go to: Linksys: NetGear: Bt voyager: 4.Spreading your bot. The hardest part of the process is spreading.

Just make bind it with a popular program like adobe photoshop and post it on torrent sites. Thanks to the developers of this tutorial of making this possible (destruction).