Multiple Choice Java Swing

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Java Swing UI app which is a quiz app having multiple choice questions. Old goan konkani songs free download mp3. - manish723/Java-swing-app. Java Multiple Choice Questions Dept of Computer Science SSBN Degree College 1.The Java interpreter is used for the execution of the source code.

It would be nice if you consistently indented your code. There are several code blocks (such as the body of your main method) that are flat on the left margin.

Java swing tutorial

This is just bad, and if other people are going to read it (your teacher, your peers, or us), you should do your best to enhance readability. And even if other people won't have to read it (this is rarely the case), writing it in an easier on the eyes manner makes you brain less tired from decoding the information and you able to do more with your day. Just wrote this because you seem to be starting out and could use some advice. – Apr 3 '16 at 22:09.

I'm trying to make a simple java gui quiz game. I'm making this game so I can input information to help me study for various subjects. I want this program just to ask about 20 questions multiple choice, and at the end tell you how many you got right and your percentage. Everything is going well except for the fact that I can figure out how to make the program go to the next question. I can get it to show the first question and then say if its right or wrong but it wont go on to the next question. Here's the code thanks in advance.
PS. I know I didn't do the if, else if for the second question I just want to make sure the second question shows up first. Also I know that there might be an easier way then inputting all the questions and answers like that but I don't mind, because as I manually input the questions and answers I get a chance to learn them as well.