Nideka Electronic Time Recorder Manual

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Product Name: Electronic Time Recorder Feature: - Double Color Printing - Time Signal - Auto In/Out Card Slit - Programmed Functions for Easy Use - Automatic Perpetual Calender - Dot Matrix Printing gives sharp and printout - Ni-Cd battery lasts about 1000 times backup uses (Optional) - Musical Alarm. OEM: 300 sets Dimension: 196(W) x 125(H) x 223(D) mm Weight: Approx. 2.5 kg Ribbon color: Double Power Reserve: 1000 uses after power failure Operating Temperature: 0-40 degree celsius Operating Humidity: 10-80%.

3,000 Fingerprints / 80,000 transactions - 1:1 Authentication and 1:N Identification - Standalone / Network communication via RS232 / RS485 (max. 32ch) and TCP/IP - Up to three fingerprint template per registration - Password and RFID available - High quality optical sensor - USB fingerprint template data backup - Backup battery available upon request - Identification Speed 1.2 sec - FRR. Features Authentication Method Fingerprint, Password Authentication Indicator √ Daylight Saving Time √ Sleep Mode √ Keypad 16-Key LCD Display 128 x 64 LCD Display, Picture Display Menu Display Language Standard: English, Chinese. Optional: Others Operation Mode Offline Proximity Card Reader EM (Optional) Backup Battery Optional Self Testing Auto Perpetual Calendar √ Auto Power Off √ Fingerprint Recognition Effective FP Detection Area 16 x 14 (mm) Average Recognition Speed 1.2 second FRR ≤0.01% FAR ≤0.0001% Fingerprint Verification 1:1, 1:N Fingerprint Template Update Auto Fingerprint Placement Angle 360° Total Fingerprint Template Capacity 2,000 Attendance Record Capacity 50,000 Management Record Capacity 1,000 Communication Channel TCP/IP, SD Card, USB(U disk not supported) Software UnionAttend.

. ENGLISHLathem Time Corporation1.

WARNINGThis equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class Adigital device, pursuant to Part 15 of FCC Rules. These limits are designed toprovide reasonable protection against harmful interference when the equipmentis operated in a commercial environment. This equipment generates, uses, andcan radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordancewith the instruction manual, may cause harmful interference to radiocommunications. TABLE OF CONTENTS1. BEFORE USING TIME RECORDER134AccessoriesFeaturesInstalling Ribbon CassetteMounting Unit on WallEnvironmental Conditions445774.

Electronic Time Recorder Operation Manual. Thank you for purchasing another fine product from Amano Cincinnati, Inc. Important Note that the government standard.

DAILY OPERATIONS8Functions for the buttonsRequired / Optional / DisabledCard reassignAll cards resetCard reset991011125. WHAT YOU CAN DO WITH THE 7000E6.

PRECAUTIONSThis operation manual is prepared for safe and proper use of the unit.Please follow all the instructions to avoid possible danger to yourself orothers and damage to the unit.SignsVarious warnings and cautions are provided throughout this manual along with signs.Remember each sign and its explanation listed below for your safety and properoperation of the unit.WarningImproper handling may cause bodily accidents includingdeath and serious injury. If foreign matter should get in the unit (including a piece of metal, water, or liquid), disconnectthe plug from the outlet immediately and contact your dealer for servicing. There is a dangerthat further use may cause a fire or electric shock.Do not plug or unplug the unit with a wet hand. You may get an electric shock.CautionDo not place the unit on an uneven or tilted surface. This may result in injuries due to the unitdropping or falling off. FEATURESThis time recorder will provide automatic alignment and basiccalculation of total hours.

This time recorder will utilize timecards pre-encoded with a bar code and numbered 1 through100. The time recorder is designed for small businesses as a fastand efficient way to track time for Payroll and Job Costing.Automatic top-feed time recorder aligns registrations on timecard.Prints IN (Start) and OUT (Stop) dates and times. BEFORE USING TIME RECORDERAccessoriesKeysRibbon cassettePart No. VIS6008Wall mount hardwareMUST USE THE E7 SERIES CARD FROM LATHEM TO INSURE PROPER OPERATION.An optional battery is sold separately (Part No. VIS 6020) to provide 100% operation of cardprint mechanism during power failures. Installing Ribbon CassetteMake sure the power is on before installing.1 Hold the left and right sides of the cover2 Turn the knob of the new ribbon cassetteand lift the same direction as the arrow totighten the ribbon.Knob3 Place the ribbon cassette inside thetime recorder as shown in the figure.Push the ribbon cassette until it snapsinto the clasps on both sides. If it isdifficult to insert the ribbon cassette,try it while turning the knob.

4 Precautions to take when replacing the ribbonTake the following precautions when inserting a new ribbon cassette.Install the ribbon cassette so that the ribbon is between the print head and theribbon mask (see the figure on the left). Printing will not come out properly if theribbon is placed behind the ribbon mask (see the figure on the right). Mounting Unit on WallThe unit can be mounted on a wall using the supplied mounting fittings. To mount the uniton a wall, take the following steps:1 Install wall mount screws (supplied)into a wall 3.94 inches (10 cm) apart.Be sure to keep about 0.12 inch ( 3mm) of the screw head out of the wall.The supplied screws are intendedfor use on a thick wooden wallor wooden column. Do not usethem on any other materials.There is a danger that the unitmay come off if used on othermaterials. DAILY OPERATIONSOnce the AC line cord is plugged into the outlet, the recorder can be used immediately. Basicoperations, including the time and dates are preset.It is easy to operate the unit. Greek Art and Archaeology (5th Edition) (330) by John G. Pedley and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible Books available now at great prices. Pedley greek art and archaeology. This item: Greek Art and Archaeology (5th Edition) by John G. Pedley Paperback $139.03 Only 2 left in stock (more on the way). Ships from and sold by For sophomore-level courses in (Introduction to) Greek Art, Greek Archaeology, and Greek Civilization, found in both Art History and Classics Departments. Greek Art and Architecture explores the development of Greek art across three centuries. This extensively illustrated and clearly written text is.

The time card is automatically pulled in, printed and thenejected.Refer to '3.BEFORE USING TIME RECORDER'.Do not let any metallic object get into the slot including paper clips. Do notforcefully push in a card, either.

These may cause the unit to malfunction. Functions for the buttonsYou can select one of three functions for the buttons.RequiredYou must push the 'IN' or 'OUT' button immediately prior to inserting the time card. If not,the card will be ejected and an error sign will appear.NOYESOptionalWhen the time card is inserted, the recorder will judge the last imprint and automaticallyswitch the 'IN' and 'OUT'.

You may also manually switch the column position of theimprint by pushing the button. Card reassignWhen the card that you are using becomes full (Max 64 punches), it will show 'END' on thedisplay and the buzzer will sound. When the 'END' appears, you can use the 'Cardreassign' mode to transfer the card and have a new card take over from the old one.In this function, it will be usefull.

when the card has become full before reaching the 'Pay Period'. In Payroll Mode. when the card that is lost or damaged.ExampleCard of No.3Card of No. 3 AfterCHANGESETCHANGEthe numbers of cards areshown, in the example, insert thecard '003' or push the CHANGEbutton to show the card number'003' and then push the SETbutton.SET4 Next insert the card '017' or pushCHANGESETthe CHANGE button to pick a newcard number '017' and then pushthe SET button.When the card number is changed,this mode will finish.All cards resetYou want to reset all cards manually.Cover1 Remove the cover. The numberof cards2 Push the FUNCTION and CHANGEbutton for 3 seconds.

The number ofcards that you are using will be shownon the display.FUNCTION CHANGE3 Push the CHANGE button to show'ALL' and then push the SETbutton.4 Push the SET button one more time.FUNCTION CHANGECard resetIf you want to reset the card manually before the end of pay period, you can use the 'Cardreset' mode.Example: The number of the card you want to reset is '003'.Cover1 Remove the cover. You can reset the card without removing the cover when the time recorder is used underthe following condition.The Job Cost Mode and also the card 'Reset' setting is YES.Refer to 'Job Cost Mode' in 'Setting the Mode'.In order to reset the card, you must push the right-side button (Reset button) and then insertthe card.After printing 'RESET', the card shall be ejected.ResetbuttonNote: If the last punch was IN, you must insert the card twice. WHAT YOU CAN DO WITH 7000EThis time recorder can operate in one of two modes; Payroll Mode or Job Cost Mode.In Payroll Mode and Job Cost Mode, the recorder prints total elapsed time betweenIN(Start) and OUT(Stop), and also prints a running total of accumulated time per time cardon each line. The clock matches pairs of punches and calculates the elapsed time betweenthat pair using predefined rounding rules. The recorder always prints the actual time on thetime card, regardless of rounding rules. Break times can be automatically deducted from totals using the 'Auto Break Deduction'feature. You must set a base working elapsed time and break duration.

Once total workinghours reaches to Elapsed Time, Break Duration will be deducted from the total workinghours.Example: Auto Break Deduction settingElapsed time 8 hours Break duration 60 min.Elapsed time = 8 hoursINOUT7:00 a.m.3:00 p.m.5:00 p.m. SETTINGPreparation for settingTo prepare for setting:Make sure the power is on beforemaking setting.1 Unlock the cover.2 Hold the sides of the cover with bothhands, and lift it.Key hole3 Make settings using the control button4 After the setting has been completed,while watching the display.Please refer to the following page forthe details of each the plugs at the lower sides of thecover into the holes of the unit. Setting the Display HoursType of hour12DISPLAYHOURSAM/PM (12hour)24 hour1 Push the DATE/TIME button for 3seconds and position the ' 'under the 'DISPLAY HOURS'mark.DATE/ TIMECHANGESET2 Push the CHANGE button to selecteither 'AM/PM' or '24 hour'.

Forexample, set 1 if AM/PM hour isdesired.DISPLAYHOURS3 Push the SET button to finish thesetting. At that moment, the displaywill change from flashing to steady,and the setting is now completed. Setting the TimeExampleChange the time from 10:08 a.m. To 10:09 a.m.HourSecondMinute1 Push the DATE/TIME button for 3seconds.TIME2 Push the DATE/TIME button andposition the ' ' under the 'TIME'mark.AMDATE/ TIMECHANGESETThe flashing number can bechanged.TIME3 In the example, push the SET buttonAMDATE/ TIMECHANGESET4 Changing the 'Minute' (for example,TIMEAMDATE/ TIMEbecause the hour is not to bechanged; now the hour of 10 o'clockhas been set.

Setting the DateExampleChange the date from October 20, 2002 to October 21, 2002.YearMonth1 Push the DATE/TIME button for 3DateDATEseconds.2 Push the DATE/TIME button andposition the ' ' under the 'DATE'mark.DATE/ TIMECHANGESET3 In the example, push the SET buttonDATEDATE/ TIMECHANGESETbecause the year 2002 is not to bechanged. Now the year of 2002 hasbeen set.At that moment, the flashing of thedisplay will change from 'Year' to'Month'. Setting the ModeRefer to 'WHAT YOU CAN DO WITH THE 7000E' before setting.You can choose 2 types of mode, PAYROLL and JOB COST.If error ' E-49 ' appears when you try to change settings, then you must reset all cardsbefore proceeding. ( See 'All cards reset' )Order OptionMonthlyWeeklyBiweeklySemimonthlyJOB COST12345Payroll ModeJob Cost ModePayroll ModeThe unit has 4 types of pay period.

You can select one of these periods. Set the 'Starting day of the week'.Starting dayMODE3 Starting day1234FUNCTION CHANGESETSundayMondayTuesdayWednesday567ThursdayFridaySaturdayTo set pay period, you have to inputa starting day.

In this case, asclosing day is Sunday, you have toset Monday.Push the CHANGE button to set at'2' and then push the SET button.4 Push the SET button once again.Example 2Monthly closing in Payroll Mode - the closing date is 20th. Example 3Semimonthly closing in Payroll Mode - the starting dates are 1st and 16th.MODE1 Push the FUNCTION button for 3seconds and position the ' ' underthe 'MODE' mark.FUNCTION CHANGESETSet the 'Mode'.Semimonthlyclosing2 In the case of semimonthly closing,MODEFUNCTION CHANGEMODESET1st startingdateFUNCTION CHANGESET2nd startingdatepush the CHANGE button to set theleft-side number at '4' and thenpush the SET button.

Job Cost ModeThis mode is basically the same as Payroll Mode, but has no pay period. After punching 64times, the end sign appears.If you want to reset the card manually without removing the cover, you must select 'Reset isYES'.ExampleCard 'Reset' is YES.MODE1 Push the FUNCTION button for 3seconds and position the ' ' underthe 'MODE' mark.FUNCTION CHANGESETJob costmodeSet the 'Mode'. Setting the Print FormatYou can select the following 'Print Format'.' Date' or 'Day of the week' print format'AM/PM' or '24 HR' hour print format'Regular' or 'Hundredths' minutes print formatWhen you have cards that you are using-If error ' E-49 ' appears when you try to change settings, then you must reset all cardsbefore proceeding. Set the 'Hour' print format.HourPrintformatOrder OptionAM/PM24 hour12PRINTFORMAT4 InFUNCTION CHANGEthis case, push the CHANGEbutton to set at '1' and then pushthe SET button.

At that moment, theflashing of the display will changeto the right-side number.SETMinutePrintformatSet the 'Minute' print formatfor totals only.Punch times only show in minutes. Setting the RoundingRefer to 'WHAT YOU CAN DO WITH THE 7000E' before setting.If error ' E-49 ' appears when you try to change settings, then you must reset all cardsbefore proceeding. ( See 'All cards reset' )ExampleTypes of rounding - PunchRounding unit - 15 min.- 7 breakpointROUNDING1 Push the FUNCTION button for 3seconds.2 Push the FUNCTION button andFUNCTION CHANGESETposition the ' under the'ROUNDING' mark.Set the 'Types of rounding'. Setting the Auto Break DeductionRefer to 'WHAT YOU CAN DO WITH THE 7000E' before setting.If error ' E-49 ' appears when you try to change settings, then you must reset all cardsbefore proceeding. ( See 'All cards reset' )ExampleElapsed time - 8 hoursBreak duration - 60 min.AUTO BREAKDEDUCTION12FUNCTION CHANGEOrder OptionElapsed timeBreak duration1 Pushthe FUNCTION button for 3seconds.

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Setting the Max InRefer to 'WHAT YOU CAN DO WITH THE 7000E' before setting.You can set the 'Max In Value' and 'Max In Override'.If error ' E-49 ' appears when you try to change settings, then you must reset all cardsbefore proceeding. ( See 'All cards reset' )ExampleMax In Override - NoMax In Value - 17 hoursMAX IN1 Push the FUNCTION button for 3seconds.2 PushFUNCTION CHANGESETthe FUNCTION button andposition the ' ' under the 'MAXIN' mark.Set the 'Max In Override'.

Setting the Button FunctionRefer to 'Functions for the buttons' before setting.ExampleSelect 'Required' for the button.123Order OptionRequiredOptionalDisabledBUTTONFUNCTION1 Push the FUNCTION button for 3seconds.2 Push the FUNCTION button andFUNCTION CHANGEposition the ' ' next to the'BUTTON FUNCTION' mark.SET3 In the case of the example, push theRequiredBUTTONFUNCTIONCHANGE button to set at '1'. Andthen push the SET button.4 Push the SET button once again. Setting the Daylight Saving TimeDaylight saving time function1 D.S.T. Execution timeAt 2:00 a.m. On the first day of summer time, the clockautomatically gains one hour to show 3:00 a.m. When 2:00a.m. Comes on the last day of the summer time period, it losesone hour and returns to 1:00 a.m.2 Setting D.S.T.

1 Push the FUNCTION button for 3 seconds.2 Push the FUNCTION button and position the 'MonthYearDate' ' mark means'starting date' setting.DAYLIGHTSAVINGSFUNCTION CHANGE' next to the 'DAYLIGHT SAVINGS' mark.Set the 'starting date'.SET3 In the case of the example, push theMonthDAYLIGHTSAVINGSFUNCTION CHANGECHANGE button to set at '03' andpush the SET button.At that moment, the flashingchanges from 'Year' to 'Month'. ' ' mark means 'ending date'.MonthYearSet the 'ending date'.DateDAYLIGHTSAVINGSFUNCTION CHANGE6 Next, push the SET button. At thatmoment, the flashing changes'Year' to 'Month'.SETMonthDAYLIGHTSAVINGSFUNCTION CHANGESETMonth7 Push the CHANGE button to set atDAYLIGHTSAVINGSFUNCTION CHANGE'10' and push the SET button.At that moment, the flashingchanges from 'Month' to 'Date'. Deleting the daylight saving time settingsTo delete and cancel the daylight saving time settings,change the display of 'Month' of thestarting setting to '.ExampleTo change March 30, 2003 of 'starting date' and delete daylight saving time settings.1 Push the FUNCTION button for 3 seconds.2 Push the FUNCTION button and position the ' next to the 'DAYLIGHT SAVINGS'mark.YearSUMonth3 PushDAYLIGHTSAVINGSFUNCTION CHANGESETthe SET button and theflashing changes from 'Year' to'Month'. Setting the Print LanguageThe language EnglishSpanishFrench can be selected to print 'Month' and 'the days ofthe week'.The print language can be selected from the following three types.Print Example:Thursday 3:30 p.m.Order Options1.

EnglishTH 3: 30P2. SpanishJU 3: 30P3. FrenchJE3: 30P1 Push the FUNTCION button for 3seconds.2 Push the FUNCTION button to positionLANGUAGEFUNCTION CHANGESETthe ' ' next to the 'LANGUAGE'mark.

ResettingTo return all settings to their factory defaults.Please note that all settings will be deleted and will revert to the factory defaults whenthe reset switch is pushed. To make new settings, please refer to '6.SETTING'.If you want to reset all cards, refer to 'All cards resetting' in '4.DAILY OPERATIONS'.1 Push the reset switch with a pointedReset switch(inside the smallround hole)implement while pushing theDATE/TIME and CHANGE button. PRINT EXAMPLECalculates timebetween punchesMonthOptional automaticbreak deductionfrom totalsDateTimeAccumulates totalworked timeVerifies correctcard number andside of card forprintingNote:'S' is to indicate totals across daylight savings adjustment.'

.' is to indicate the following meanings.(1) Rounded time result comes to 0:00(2) Daylight savings adjustment was done in the period of calculation.' B' is to indicate accumulation result includes auto break deduction. INSTALLING Ni-Cd BATTERY (Optional)Follow the steps below to install a Ni-Cd battery (optional) in case of power failure.LidClaspBatteryConnector1 Removethe lid of the batterycompartment on the back of the unitby pushing up the center of the lid,and then release it from the twoclasps.2 Position the battery as shown in thefigure on the left. The connector cord should be on theright side, as shown in the figure.ConnectorBattery3 Connect the connector. TROUBLESHOOTINGError No. AppearsNo.Error contentsActionE-00CPU errorE-01The remaining life of lithium battery formemory back-up is short.E-03The front and back of the time card inserted iswrong.Correctly insert the time card.E-05The card is not pulled in properly.Make sure that another time card is not jammingin the time recorder.

Try inserting the time cardagain.E-15Card sensor errorE-30The printer motor or the sensor is not normal. SPECIFICATIONSClock accuracyMonthly accuracy ± 15s (at ordinary temperature)CalendarYear up to 2099. Automatically adjusted to leap years, 31-daymonths and months with thirty or fewer days, and the days of theweek. MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTYLimited One-Year WarrantyLathem warrants the model 7000E hardware product against defects in material andworkmanship for a period of one year from date of original purchase. The conditions of thiswarranty and the extent of the responsibility of Lathem Time Corporation ('Lathem') under thiswarranty are listed below.1.

This warranty will become void when service performed by anyone other than an approvedLathem warranty service dealer results in damage to the product.2.