Night At The Museum 2 Full Movie In Telugu

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Director Shawn Levy is back with his third and last installment of the series, Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb. Larry Dale ( Ben Stiller) reprises his role of a security guard and this time, it gets bigger. The film opens with a shot of ancient Egypt where the magical tablet is discovered for the first time. Decades later in New York City, Larry is preparing his favorite exhibits from the museum for a fundraiser. Things go haywire and the exhibits start behaving in a strange manner, leaving Larry confused.

Is the Tablet of Ahkmenrah losing its power? How could Larry fix it? He must find out before it is too late. And so begins Larry’s expedition to the British Museum of Natural History in the hope of restoring the tablet’s powers.

Robin Williams‘ final act as Theodore Roosevelt is effortless and you can’t help but love the man for his wit and charm. Owen Wilson and Steve Coogan as Jed and Octavious are occasionally funny. Skyler Gisondo replaces Jake Cherry as Nick, Larry’s son and Ricky Gervais is comical as Dr. The character of Laa, (played by Stiller himself) adds a new and refreshing dimension. His camaraderie with newcomer Tilly ( Rebel Wilson) is adorable. The film also features the blue-eyed Dan Stevens as Sir Lancelot, who is quite hilarious in some scenes.

C.J. Captain tsubasa episode 10. , Gus and Reginald make a special appearance in the film. Larry confronts C.J., who is directly linked to the mystery of the glowing tablet. The film offers a fresh perspective on the relationship of Larry and Nick. It runs parallel to that of Ahkmenrah (Rami Malek) and his father Merenkahre ( Ben Kingsley).

Larry is a protective father, but Nick wants to be independent. Larry’s constant dilemma is evident as the story progresses. The emotional moments between the father-son duo are touching. Shawn Levy deserves a special mention for the way he has dedicated the film to Robin Williams and Mickey Rooney.

Williams bids goodbye to Larry in the last scene, depicting some kind of a closure, which is heart-wrenching. Save game editor resident evil 5 xbox 360. Overall, the film has its moments of laughter and although predictable, it is a good entertainer. Why should you watch the film? The visual effects are top-notch, while the story is simple.

The film doesn’t run longer than two hours. Ben Stiller is easy on the eyes. Watch out for a surprising cameo towards the end!