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We decided to dedicate this article to iFIT workouts after having the opportunity to test it out on a number of different treadmills during our in-depth reviews. You can read our article also to see which models currently offer this capability and where to buy them. What we can say from the beginning is that our experience with the iFIT workouts, either tested with the older LIVE module and SD Cards, or the newer Bluetooth and built-in technology, has been great. There’s really nothing else like it out there. 2018 UPDATE: iFit LIVE is now called simply iFit, and the latest version is called iFit Coach. The SD cards have been phased out for the most part, and new machines are either iFit compatible, meaning you need to use your tablet or smart phone to access it, or iFit enabled, which means that iFit is ready to go on your machine, no tablet or smart phone necessary.

Many of our readers have been asking us where they can purchase iFit products:. To learn more about iFit, continue reading below. IFit Coach and Bluetooth Technology - 2016, 2017, 2018 NordicTrack and ProForm Treadmills This is the very latest version of the iFit program, first introduced in 2016. Most new NordicTrack and ProForm machines come with iFit Coach, the latest iteration of ICON Health & Fitness’ popular program. Your treadmill will either be iFit Coach enabled, which means you can see everything right on your machine, or iFit Coach Bluetooth ready, which means you can view it on your phone or tablet if the machine does not have a touch screen to view it on. Either way, it provides custom workouts, daily coaching, sleep suggestions and meal plans daily to help you reach your fitness goals quicker. You can also choose from a library of professionally designed workout programs, track all of your progress, set goals for yourself and share your results with friends and family.

The best feature is and always has been Google map integration, which means you can choose any location in the world and it appears right in front of you. It’s like you are actually there, running or jogging on any trail you pick, which makes working out that much more exciting. What are the iFit Costs? JUNE 2018 UPDATE: Things have changed again, like they always do with iFit.

Now, certain treadmills and ellipticals from ProForm have a SMART designation, which means they come with a free one-year subscription to iFit Coachit’s built into the price. Currently the SMART ProForm treadmill models are: Pro 5000, Pro 9000 and the Power 1295i. These three models include iFit Coach free for one yearthe other models do not.

Orsi saxophone serial numbers. IFit Map Library, over 1,700 maps using Google street view for iFit treadmill, bike, elliptical or Incline iFit Map Library Search and Download maps for your iFit treadmill, elliptical or bike Log in.

Also, NordicTrack is including iFit for one year free on all of their treadmills except the entry level C700. So all of the other C series, Commercial and Incline Trainers now have a full year of iFit Coach for free. For now the free set of dumbbells and the free iFit wearable are off the table, and can be purchased for a fee if you are interested in them. Please note that this is subject to change, so always check back for updates.

DECEMBER 2017 UPDATE: When we last checked, iFit Coach Plus was required on all NordicTrack Incline Trainers and Commercial treadmills. It is $39 per month and comes with a FREE iFit Vue wearable device and FREE adjustable dumbbells.

On other NordicTrack treadmills (C Series, Desks) and all ProForm treadmills it is optional, and the cost is $180 for one year or $270 for two years. On those models it is iFit Coach and not iFit Coach Plus. Note that the prices seem to change fairly regularly, so they might be offering different deals when you purchase your new treadmill. JULY 2017 UPDATE: Currently an iFit Coach subscription is required on many new NordicTrack and ProForm treadmills. You get a FREE iFit wearable with your purchase. So it is no longer an “option” on those machines, as it is on the lower priced ones.

For quite some time your first year was included for free when you purchased an ICON Fitness treadmill or elliptical. You then paid a yearly fee of about $99 to continue the subscription.

Currently, you have two options: One year membership is $12 a month ($144 billed yearly) and an iFit wearable is included to track all of your activity. Two year membership is only $9 a month ($216 billed every two years), so you’re essentially getting 6 months free. There is also something called iFit Coach Plus, that gives you HD video workouts, daily classes and dumbbells, but that is only on the incline trainers currently. If you are interested in buying a treadmill with iFit technology, just follow this link to or, as those are the only two ICON brands with the latest iFit Coach technology.

THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION APPLIES TO OLDER MODELS ONLY NEW iFIT LIVE with the 10 inch Android Touchscreen This is the latest iFIT Live technology released with 2011 treadmills. Consider it as an upgrade to the previous iFIT LIVE module that now supports communicating with your subscription directly from the treadmill’s console. The iFIT LIVE Module costs (for the upgraded version or the older version) are the same. NEW iFIT LIVE Workouts Features: – You login in your from treadmill’s console – You download My Trainer treadmill workouts through a WiFi connection (these are the Jillian Michaels workouts). You have weekly programs available, depending on your fitness level – You can use the My Maps option to create your running route.

This is possible through Google Maps – You can download ‘World Tour’ workouts, powered by Google Maps also – You can download Event Training workouts – You can compete in a race you schedule for in advance (it’s called the Compete workout). You can use this option with your friends and you all schedule for the race (which takes place on the treadmill) – You can access a web browser from the treadmill’s console and browse on the Internet or check your email The treadmill automatically changes the incline of the treadmill (up and down) to simulate terrain during any workout.

NEW iFIT LIVE Installation – Connect the treadmill to your WiFi network (as you would connect your computer) – Follow the Quick Start Wizard instructions that pop-up on the console screen – Connect to your account (you need the username and password). If you don’t have an account, you can register from the treadmill’s console – Click on any the 5 workouts buttons from your iFIT account. Workouts will be downloaded before you can use them Important: For technical assistance we recommend browsing through the Beta launched at the beginning of 2012. First Version of the iFIT LIVE Module What You Need to Install the iFIT LIVE MODULE Correctly: We had the chance to be present when a friend installed the iFIT LIVE Module on his NordicTrack X7i Incliner 7 inch touchscreen display. It was then when we understood this was not an easy process and it can really mess with you if you’re not somehow familiar with the Internet and Software products. A PC with Windows or a Mac. A wireless router with SSID broadcast enabled and Internet connection.

A decent Internet connection. A subscription on A treadmill produced by ICON Health & Fitness compatible with the iFIT LIVE Module. After you connect the iFIT Module to the PC with the USB cable go to the web address they recommend. Register your profile at iFIT website and you will download workouts to match your personal details. This is important to reach your goals correctly.

While you have the USB cable connected you must install the software as well. When you get the message the installation is complete, you can insert the module in the Treadmill console and remove the USB cable. When you insert the iFIT Module in the console you must enable the WiFi connection and make sure the module is connected to the Internet Wireless. Turn on the treadmill and you will get the message Updates are required. Don’t ignore that message or you’ll be sorry later. Have patience and allow the iFIT Module software to update, even if it takes some hours. During this process, don’t remove the module and go have a coffee with friends.

IFIT LIVE Module Workouts: Even if you have the older version of the iFIT LIVE module, the workouts options are the same as the new version. The iFIT module downloads the workouts in the treadmill console through the WiFi internet connection. Speed and Incline are automatically controlled during the workout.

All you need to do is follow the instructions the trainer gives you verbally. The advantage is you can monitor your progress directly in your iFIT account when you login from your PC. If you have an iPhone (but it’s not mandatory) you can simply send your meals info to your account so the trainers can customize your workouts accordingly.

Elcomsoft system recovery professional v3.0 - iso torrent. They send you workouts daily. ICON Health & Fitness gives you a 90 days warranty from the purchase. So make sure you register the product shortly after you buy it. This is not the greatest warranty and you do need to follow their instructions one by one to avoid problems. IFIT SD CARDS Workouts Some ICON branded treadmills have the iFIT cards compatibility enabled.

We tested these too. They are really great. They don’t have the same advantages as the iFIT LIVE module but they are efficient and decrease a lot the boredom sensation you may feel when training on a treadmill. All are signed by Jillian Michaels.

The SD cards control automatically the speed and incline of the treadmill. If you can’t keep the pace, you can always change the incline and speed, but don’t forget that the change you do applies only for one interval.

The SD workout is a sum of multiple intervals. Another advantage is that the workouts have a trainer voice enabled. This means that during the workout there is a professional trainer to guide you through the exercise. All you need to do is listen and follow the advice given 🙂 One tip: always remove the cards from the treadmill console when you’re not using them. Here are some SD workouts we tested and liked: iFIT Lose Weight Get Fit with Jillian Michaels 3 Level Pack iFIT Body Sculpting iFIT Wellness Treadmill Workout Cards iFIT Performance Treadmill Workout – iFIT workouts are challenging because they are built following a complete workout recipe, by professional trainers. Each workout pushes you to your next limit which is the key to a successful training program.

– The workouts have voices commands too. This replaces a personal trainer with so little costs. – Workouts control the speed and incline of each treadmill they are installed on, automatically. So you just have to listen to the commands the trainer gives you and keep running. IFIT Workouts Disadvantages: – iFIT LIVE module, although revolutionary, is still in beta version.

This is why you may often meet difficulties when using or installing it. In this case you have to contact their Customer Support. – iFIT Live Module costs extra money (see price details below) – iFIT SD workouts are bought separately from the treadmill cost. This means extra money for the user but also more benefits – Although workouts are compatible with many ICON FITNESS treadmills, only some are real powerful and stable to support them all the way. Always read the review of the treadmill which has this feature listed.

Although an attractive feature, may not be efficient at all on weak treadmills. With some models it’s listed just as a mechanism to get your money. Old iFIT Workouts iFIT Downloads We know this options exists, but we haven’t tested it yet. We’ll keep this section open to update after we have the chance to review a treadmill compatible with it. IFIT CDs You can still buy treadmills compatible with one of the first iFIT options: CDs CD’s work same as SD cards, only that you need a separate CD player to play them and connect to the treadmill. These are signed by trainers like Robin and Pete.

We warn you the options are very limited, especially for treadmills, although they cost less than the SD cards. Plus they wear out much more easily. Some of the Program workouts we tested and enjoyed are: – Level 1 and 2 Treadmill Workouts – Level 1, 2 and 3 Incline Trainer Workouts – Marathon Beginner 16-week Program with Rock (Very good!) – 8-Week Level 3 Body Tone Interactive Treadmill Program (Excellent too!) iFIT Videos This option is barely found on the latest treadmills released by ICON. Still some have it. To use an iFIT Videocassette you need a VCR to connect to the compatible console. We couldn’t find any VideoCassette to buy for our Healtrider Treadmill, compatible with this option. We’re looking for some tips if any of you know where we could buy them.

Maybe some of you had the chance to use the iFIT workouts too. Send us your feedback as we’re very interested in knowing how your experience feels and what benefits or issues you’ve had after using them.

PS: Read the second part of this article dedicated to. Hi, I have a Proform 600LTZ and have purchased the Jillian Michaels Get Fit SD Cards Level 1/2/3 only recently but on Level 1 week 2 programme 1 the SD Card just cuts out and takes the Treadmill back to 0 and I have to restart the programme all over again, only to have it stop about a minute past the last stoppage.

This is getting very upsetting as I am prepared to use this as I like it but it is so frustrating I’m not sure if the SD Card is faulty or if there is a problem with the Ifit in the Treadmill. Can anyone help?

The iFit system is a series of multimedia workout programs that allows users to experience customized workout routines and fitness instruction by connecting a multimedia device such as a VCR, CD player, DVD player or MP3 player to an iFit-compatible treadmill and accessing an iFit program using the connected device. The iFit program then communicates with the treadmill through the media player to provide the customized workout. Certain models of NordicTrack treadmills support iFit software by connecting to your media player to allow playback of files containing iFit programs.

If you have a NordicTrack treadmill that is iFit-compatible, you can set up any iFit video, CD, DVD or MP3 and be on your way toward reaping the benefits of this innovative workout system in just a few short steps. Turn off the power to your treadmill and unplug it from its power outlet. Connect your treadmill to your VCR, CD player, DVD player or MP3 player. Plug the 1/8-inch end of a 1/8-inch-to-RCA audio cable into the input jack on your treadmill’s console. Plug the RCA end of the cable into an “audio out” jack of your media player.

You can identify the 1/8-inch end of the cable by the metal ring around the base of the connector; the RCA end of the cable has no metal ring around the connector. You can buy a 1/8-inch-to-RCA cable at major retailers of electronics supplies. Plug your treadmill and your media player into power outlets and turn them on. Select the iFit mode on your treadmill by pressing the button on your treadmill’s console.

Insert the iFit videocassette, CD or DVD that contains the iFit program you want to use into the media player and press the Play button. If you are using an MP3 file, select the file from your MP3 player's file menu and press Play. Begin exercising. The iFit personal trainer will guide you through the workout and the treadmill will beep or chirp before each speed or incline change. Alter the speed or incline of the program to your comfort level by pressing the Speed Up, Speed Down, Incline Up or Incline Down buttons as necessary; you can do this at any time during a program. Because iFit programs are divided into timed segments, the speed and incline will automatically adjust to the pre-programmed settings at the beginning of each segment of the workout. Press the Stop button to terminate the program at any time during the workout or wait for the belt to stop after completing the program.

You can restart a program by pressing the Start or the Speed Up button. Remove the treadmill key from the console and remove the iFit video, CD or DVD from your media player after you have finished exercising. If you use an iFit file in MP3 format, simply turn the MP3 player off.