Norfolk Southern Locomotive Engineer Training Handbook Template

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Dec 23, 2016 - Re: Shareholder Proposal to Norfolk Southern Corporation. Awareness training is given to all railroad employees who directly affect hazardous. That eliminated manual lifting, reduced the time required to perform tasks, and saved on operating costs. The winning engineering team, for example. Nov 10, 2017 - Norfolk Southern Locomotive Engineer Training Handbook Examples North America was issued to Samuel Winslow by the General Court of.

Pay is decent; pension is a plus. Otherwise, not a great place to work. Grueling schedule and alternating shift work. You get worked like a dog and treated poorly while you're there.

No work life balance. Nepotism at its best. You get promoted if someone important likes you, you're kin to someone important, or if you sell your soul to the culture of how hard you can drive employees. Otherwise, no real opportunity to move up/around. It's the complete opposite of a meritocracy.

Inadequate management and training. Learn the best you can. Good old boy network. Minorities don't get a fair shake. Absent the pay and retirement, people would not stay there. Stay away from operations mgmt.

Worst company I’ve worked for. Management was poor from foreman up. You are required to work 12 hours with a 20 minute lunch. No breaks Most stress I’ve had ever.


In construction you will be digging with a shovel by hand for hours on end. While the excavator sits and smiles at you because they are afraid to dig and hit current working lines. My construction gang was lazy couldn’t get anything themselves and left garbage everywhere on job site expecting new or lowest seniority to clean up after them.

Foreman ward sits in truck for 12 hours and gets out 1 time if at all. Hostel workers and work environment I wouldn’t wish my worst enemy to work here.

If you have a family, get used to sending them post cards as well because you will see them 1-2 times a month if your lucky.