Nova Bioprofile 400 Manual

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Mammalian cell-based bioprocesses are used extensively for production of therapeutic proteins. Off-line monitoring of such cultivations via manual sampling is often labor-intensive and can introduce operator-dependent error into the process. An integrated multi-functional off-line analyzer, the BioProfile FLEX (NOVA Biomedical, Waltham MA) has been developed, which combines the functionality of three off-line analyzers (a cell counter, an osmometer, and a gas/electrolyte & nutrient/metabolite bio-profile analyzer) into one device. In addition, a novel automated sampling system has also been developed that allows the BioProfile FLEX to automatically analyze the culture conditions in as many as ten bioreactors.

This is the first report on the development and function of this integrated analyzer and an auto-sampler prototype for monitoring of mammalian cell cultures. Evaluation of the BioProfile FLEX was conducted in two separate laboratories and involved two BioProfile FLEX analyzers and two sets of reference analyzers (Nova BioProfile 400, Beckman-Coulter Vi-Cell AS, and Advanced Instruments Osmometer 3900), 13 CHO cell lines and over 20 operators. In general, BioProfile FLEX measurements were equivalent to those obtained using reference analyzers, and the auto-sampler did not alter the samples it provided to the BioProfile FLEX. These results suggest that the system has the potential to dramatically reduce the manual labor involved in monitoring mammalian cell bioprocesses without altering the quality of the data obtained, and integration with a bioreactor control system will allow feedback control of parameters previously available only for off-line monitoring.

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Since many yearsNova Biomedical is a trusted Partner of Tecom Analytical Systems. With a long history in developing and producing the world mostadvanced and innovativeanalyzers, NovaBiomedical is one of our suppliers for many years.

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Thermo Fisher Scientific has several years of experience and knowledge, this experience was used to develop the LABGEO-Series together with Samsung. Thermo Fisher Scientificprovides a number of reliable andinnovative analyzers. Hp pavilion ethernet driver download.

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