Qt Update Gui From Thread

Nov 6, 2009 - Communicating with the Main Thread. When a Qt application starts, only one thread is running—the main thread. This is the only thread that is. I have an multithreaded qt application. When i am doing some processes in mainwindow.cpp, at the same time, i want to update mainwindow.ui from other thread. I have mythread.h #ifndef MYTHREAD_H #.

@/./QtGuiC2/./ECL/includes/eclutils.h:30: multiple definition of `SSStopics' build/Debug/GNU-Linux-x86/main.o:/./QtGuiC2/./ECL/includes/eclutils.h:30: first defined [email protected] Defined again at 'eclutils.h', line 30. First definition in the very same file, at the very same line;-) Looks like the same.h file is included multiple times, thus the warning about multiple definitions! This can easily happen if you include A.h and B.h in your source code file, but the file B.h also includes A.h.

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Or file B.h includes some other header file that then includes A.h (again). There are many ways this mess can happen.

Usually this problem is avoided/resolved by guarding all header files like this: @foobar.h #ifndef FOOBARHINCLUDED #define FOOBARHINCLUDED /. Actual declarations here./ #endif //[email protected] So if it will be included a second (or third (or fourth)) time, it won't do any harm:) If the.h files of the libraries you are using have not been 'guarded' like that, you have to fix that yourself (or ask the library author to fix it).

Either that or you have to carefully check 'who includes whom' and try to avoid multiple includes of the same.h file by re-organizing your #include commands.

I have the following code:
void MainWindow::first() {
QFuture<void> installerthread;
installerthread = QtConcurrent::run(this, &MainWindow::Installa);
void MainWindow::Installa() {
myClass bla=new myClass();
connect(bla,SIGNAL(finished(int)),this,SLOT(ProcessoFinito(int)), Qt::QueuedConnection);
void MainWindow::ProcessoFinito(int status){

The error which appears is QPixmap: It is not safe to use pixmaps outside the GUI thread
How can i solve this situation? I know that a GUI update from thread shouldn't happen,but there must be a solution!

Solution: You can't update a QPixmap from thread! You should use another method.