Quick Buy Program For Tagged Pets Cheats

Tips Trick Play the Game Pets on Tagged Tips Trick Play the Game Pets in Tagged good morning buddy Bizril. What’s up everybody? May we always be endowed blessing of good health and acquire the ease to carry out all the activities.

Buy Pets Faster On Tagged Hotkey. Programming Language 42. 42 has six primary goals: foster extreme code reuse; run faster than C; compile to both software and hardware; run faster on. Cheat Codes For Free Gold On Tagged Com. How to get free gold on tagged.com games? Tagged.com has a game cafe, how do i get free gold, or free food. Pets game tagged cheats. I need help i have a gold ring i think.and inside of it is engraved a left pointed arrow with a letter through it and a 7.is this real gold? How to get quick buy in hi5 pet run without software?

This post discusses the only light, which is about the tips and trick how to play the game Pets on Tagged. Buddy is nothing like playing the game Pets?

I also recently tried it, it turned out pretty fun, a lot of new friends from all over the world in the game. To play the game Pets there are some tips and trick to succeed, want to know the trick?

Here’s the thing. Game Pets is an online game about sell and buy pet (pet), in the game it we is as a pet which can be bought by others and can also buy as the owner of the pets. Such games can be played on the site tagged.com online. Not much different with other games, when play the game Pets we are required to continue to increase the number of assets so that ranking continues to go down (ranking dropped means the good), the better the ranking in the country of origin, and the ranking overall on Tagged, when it entered the ranking in the Tagged term is called hi5.

In-game Pets known some of the terms, namely Value, Cash and Assets. Guitar pro tabs pack download zip. Definition of terms it is: + Value is the value (price) sell us as a pet. + Cash is money that is owned, can be used to buy pet. + Assets are the sum of the price (value) of all the pets owned along with the amount of cash owned. Pet obtain the ranking of a particular entitled to obtain the icon of the flag of his country under the profile picture pet. To obtain the icon of the flag of the pet must obtain a ranking of the specific, where the ranking in pet in every state different terms, that to Indonesia the maximum should be in the top 2000 large, on top of that it does not appear the icon of the flag.

In addition to ranking in the country there is also a ranking in the overall (Tagged) so as to obtain flag-Tagged under the profile picture of pet, to obtain flag-Tagged I don’t know yet what is the maximum ranking on Tagged? A pet will be good even place if its assets are more and more, to add to the assets of course have to add cash, to add cash can be done in two ways, namely: 1. Buy gold and then exchange it with cash, to buy gold have to use actual money in currency US Dollar, even then can dibei using a credit card or Paypal (the internet bank). Profit from the results of the buy and sell pets, for example, we buy the pet for 10,000 and then sold at a price of 11.000, we obtain a profit of 5% ie 500, the percentage of profit is already determined by the game and can not be set according to their own volition. I use the way number 2 because if you have to spend money for real I really love, hehe.


Buy pets should be carefully, because if the pets are not sold then the capital will settle and the cash has not increased. To obtain the advantages of the buy-sell pets are required to be able to obtain the pet a good and sold on the market, pet practice in paaran have certain requirements, namely: + Has the AOV (Asset Over Value) is the amount of the assets exceeds the selling price. + Have the Cash to buy pets. The amount of cash a good is usually not much different with the number of assets, the value above the selling price (value). + Has the Wisher (wishers) that much, it means the pet is anticipated to be purchased by the pet another if he already had the cash. + Active in play the game pets, at least once a day to play this game.

If you find and buy the pet with the terms above, then the pet will sell quickly and will earn profits so that the amount of cash increases. Usually pets that have the terms in the above will be sold in less than 24 hours.

The way this is usually done to sell and buy pets with the expensive price. Sell and buy pets can also be done by way of browsing the pets, this way is rather difficult, the risks can be kejebak buy pets that do not have terms like the above. Sell and buy pets this way is indeed time faster, in 1 hour can do dozens of transactions of sale and purchase pets and earn cash from the profit to the buy-sell pets. To buy sell pets with the way browsing should be noted the exchange/change of the owner of the pet, if the exchange quick he will usually quickly sold, at that time we should be trying to buy the pet before the exchange of the owner slowed down and eventually the pet is not sold anymore in the market, pets are sold in this way are usually pets of beautiful women and sexy with a wisher. Usually let safe stop buying pet the if the price reached 2,000,000 N. Sell and buy pets with the way the browsing is very depending on the speed of the internet connection, usually always lose quickly when buying pets because in addition to distance Indonesia with server game very much that is in America, also the internet connection in Indonesia is slower than in some other countries, requires speed and patience to sell and buy pets this way.

Flipping is the selling (exchange) pets with other people, this way usually others contact through a message for cooperation to do the flipping, he will tell us to buy the pets he has and then he would buy again. This way is not recommended to do with people who had known!, many cases of fraud where he does not buy more pets that we already buy from him, and finally cash, we reduced, even when pets that have AOV, if not then pets will not sell quickly. Similarly, some of the tips and trick play the game pets on Tagged, beware before buying pets because it will reduce the cash if pets are not sold anymore.

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