Quicken 2001 Deluxe Crackers

Jan 02, 2017  Online Unlock Tool option (Available for 2003, 2002, and 2001): To unlock your version of Quicken online, please click here and follow the directions on the screen to generate a new unlock code. Please be at your computer with Quicken open and the serial number displayed.

I was going to sit out a version, based on what people had said around here. I'd even bought a copy (at Costco) and returned it, after reading the complaints. Then I found one for sale at a computer show at a steep discount, and decided to try it out after all - AFTER thoroughly backing-up my data.

I'm happy to say that yes, things have gotten slicker, and bigger, but they've also gotten better. The last release (2000 Deluxe) had some 'features' that drove me nuts, and these seem to have been addressed (I like to think because of my. To Intuit's feedback e-mails).

These fixes are enough to justify the upgrade, for me. Here's a list of what's immediately apparent: The Alt key works properly again. (Alt-F goes to the file menu.) There's an easily-customizable toolbar, to which I added things I had to search endlessly for in the past (e.g., how to pay my mortgagees - scheduled transactions). There's a 'recategorize' feature (which I found in the toolbar customizer) that let me fix up some old data in obsolete categories.

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(Probably it's been there all along, but I just didn't know about it. I've had that happen before with Quicken!) The help has gotten better but still could use some help. (Example: I'm in a credit card transaction. What does the Ref field hold?

Hitting F1 doesn't tell me - I have to do a search to find out.) Things they still haven't fixed: Making a loan payment still brings up invisible accounts under the 'Choose Loan' list. (Obviously nobody at Intuit ever had their mortgage sold or refinanced. Guess that's what you get when your programmers pay for their houses in cash.) There are still ads for services, masquerading as Quicken features - and you can't remove them. (Example: 'Backup my valuable investment records'.) I can't seem to find a 'What's new in Quicken 2001' (there are lists for every previous version, though). I still approach download of transactions with the greatest of caution, having been burned by this software in the past. (It downloaded things I did't understand, and created duplicate transactions.

Basically it made a mess. You have to decide: either enter data manually and reconcile to ensure correctness, or abandon reconciliation and correctness and use Quicken as a computer-based bank statement.) The situation is perhaps worst with online brokerage accounts. I haven't tried it yet with this release, to see if there's been an improvement. When I have a spare couple of evenings, perhaps I'll try it. Like maybe when I'm retired. (That's also when I'll explore all those new features they've added.

There must be a cast of hundreds working on this stuff. Something for everyone?) In short, it seems like a decent upgrade. Some annoying problems were fixed. The database remains rock-solid. Undoubtedly many worthy features were added.

Are they essential? (How have you gotten by, up 'til now?) Would I have bought it for $., in retrospect? Quicken and I spend a lot of time together. My general advice remains: Stay away from automatic downloads and account updates (automatic ANYTHING) and you'll be okay, at least until the machine really does learn to think for you.

Do you REALLY expect an answer when you click on 'How should I invest my money?' (I expect it to say, 'Upgrade Quicken!' I agree with most everyone else reviewing this product. We have used it for years to manage our budget, expenses and pay bills electronically.

Over the years as they add feature upon feature, the program has become less intuitive, more quirky, and less stable. When I installed this new version, elctronic bill payment through CheckFree stopped working. When trying to pay bills the following message appears 'Quicken was not able to complete your request. The next time you go online for this financial institution, Quicken will attempt to resend your original request. Please try again later. If the problem continues call Quicken Bill Pay @ 800-463-6765 (OL-293-A).'

When I caled that number they told me to call 520-618-7155 or 630-692-3000 (at my expense for their problem! How rude!) After about 4 tries with various technicians I finally reached one poor soul who said 'We have no known solution for an OL-293A error' and then passed me to a very nice guy who said 'they have no solution at this time, but are working on it.' He took my telephone number and said they would call me when it was fixed, but could give me no time frame. His only solution for me was to go back to my previous version of quicken 2000 using the old Qdata file formats which are now out of date. I'm waiting for their phone call and manually writing checks.

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Don't buy this piece of buggy software, especially if you want to pay bills on=line. This is how companies go out of business by sticking it to their customers!

I've been using Quicken since the 2nd DOS vesrion and this is the first time I've returned a release. There's virtually nothing new in it, it's buggy and now it's slow (Security Detail windows used to display instantly now take 3-7 seconds to write -essentially disabling the ability to scroll through securitys). Features that disappeared three releases ago still haven't returned (e.g. The Price & Value History graph that used to be the defalut graph in the Security Detail Window is still supremely inconveniently buried ten levels deep in the Investment Performance Graph section.) I track over 200 stocks in six brokerage accounts. My data files (even after validation and year end copy) are 15MB. I account for every penny coming in and going out.

In short I'm a power user of Quicken and should be one of their strongest advocates. In the last few years however, Intuit's self serving business practices and blatant disregard for customers have me looking for alternatives.

Unfortunately, I've tried mirating to Money and not found the grass any greener in Bill Gates' yard. (See the reviews for Microsoft Money) If you're already on Quicken 2000. Don't waste your money on Quicken 2001. If you're a potential new comer to Quicken, consider this: There is NO TECHICAL SUPPORT - unless you consider paying $2/minute 'support'. I call it something else and it's illegal in every state but Nevada. If all you need is an automated check book, either Quicken Basic or Money Basic will suffice.

My advice to those needing to track investments, wait for the next one. I have been using quicken for about three years now, and I recently upgraded to 2001. So far, I'm not impressed. Although Quicken's checkbook entry system is outstanding, most of the other features suffer from numerous drawbacks.

The Tax Advisor is cumbersome to work with and has known problems with displaying information on the screen. As far as I can tell, Quicken also offers no updates once the tax year changes (other than forking over another 40 bucks or so for the 2002 edition), making the Advisor absolutly useless for planning your taxes beyond one year. The budget planning and debt reduction tools are not user-friendly and too simplistic to apply to real-world situations.

Stock quote updates occasionally download invalid quotes (negative numbers, massive gains/losses, etc). The car price lookup service has no information on my 18 month old car, and the home price lookup is equally useless for the other 150 million of us who live in rural areas. Quicken is also a memory hog, and I've watched it continue to slow and bog down my system over time. The engineers better wake up and realize that as users enter more data over periods spanning years, the program must be streamlined to handle the increases in data. Come on, Intuit, this is a program for those of us who want to improve and learn about how our finances work.

The 'massses' don't buy your product (most are oblivious to these things and like to stay that way), that's why we have AOL. So stop treating us like a mass market with all the ads. If this gets any worse, I'll be looking elsewhere for financial software. The reviews on Quicken 2001 seem to be very mixed based on experience with prior Quicken products.

The last version I used was Quicken 98 and I am very impressed with this edition. The interface has changed quite a bit (much more 'web like') and many of the features have improved significantly (such as it's online connectivity). Here a couple things I've noticed while using the program: - At first I found the interface and all of the features were a bit overwhelming - there was just a lot of information on each screen.

After reading through the Quick Start guide and playing around with it I got the hang of it. Getting your accounts set up can eat up a lot of time, depending on how you choose to do it.

If you don't want to backfill any data then you can get up an running very quickly, but if you want to do any backfill you might find yourself spending a lot of time entering information from old statements an reconciling accounts. Personally, it took me a couple evening to get the accounts backfilled and set up the way I wanted. There is a degree of ongoing maintenance, but no surprise there. Periodically you need to enter new transactions from all of your accounts. I've found that some banks limit the transaction history they keep online, so if you fall behind you end up digging through paper statements.

Getting some of the graphs to give you the 'true picture' can be difficult. For example, if you incur a lot of business expenses for which you are later re-imbursed you will find those transactions landing on different months. This throws off any monthly cash flow analysis you do. Luckily, Quicken's graphs are pretty configurable so there are work arounds. Overall, I think this product is a good purchase. It has really helped me organize my finances and has proved well worth the investment (which isn't much after the rebate). As a long time and very heavy user of this product, I disappointed with the latest 2001 release.

The product no longer allows you to separate your view of a particular stock 'overview' (with gains and losses) by account, it forces all account holdings into one window per security (lumping all holdings (whether in IRA accounts or taxable accounts) together) which is a big minus from prior releases. I have also found three bugs in this early release which have been reported to the company and are related to downloading quotes from the Quicken.com site. I would give them a little while to work the kinks out before buying. I also think that the feel and flexibility of the new version is more cumbersome and clunky to move around in than prior versions.

A bit too much 'change for change sake' rather than simplification where needed and additional number crunching where needed in the investment section. Basically, however, I would say that the product (if fuctioning properly) is an invaluable organizational tool for those with reasonably complex financial data needs.