Richard Hoagland Secret Space Program Conference Amsterdam 2011

Updated Jan 10 2014 Secret Space Program and Breakaway Civilization It’s going to take some massive brainpower to figure out what is really going on. Have a listen to these interviews of interview on by Henrik Palmgren. April 3 2011 in Amsterdam.

Szybcy i wściekli 1 download lektor pl. They feature lot of people and attendees of the Secret Space Program conference in Amsterdam who also share their own experiences with UFO sightings. Then, they hit the streets of Amsterdam where the locals speak their mind about aliens, abductions and making contact with ET. Red Ice Radio - Richard C. Hoagland - The Secret Space Program & The Fukushima Disaster Vatic Note: THIS IS A MUST LISTEN, ITS LIKE A VERY BAD PLAY. LOL I had a serious concern over Richard Hoagland as to his status, is he part of the cabal, or is he for real.


These researchers show the clear connections between the military, occult and UFO research. Weaponized ESP is Satanism and an offshoot of UFO research. NASA is so involved with the occult and JPL. The foundations of western civilization.

If you research the JFK assassination too far the seams of our civilization split. Youtube channel Please donate to me if you like my blog and these posts. Vadivelu old comedy video.

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