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S5+S7 for Windows® Update from V1.V5 to V7. The Update from V6 to V7 is available for free download. Download S57W for free. S57W - S5 for Windows® provides the tools for creating, modifying, testing and documenting programs for programmable logic controllers (PLC).

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Hello, I have searched all over the internet to find away to backup our siemens s5 and s7 key disks because they are getting to the point that we have to read them 3 times in order to get the authors.exe program to recogonize that there is a key there. I talked to siemens and they wont send you a key disk unless you dont have a key disk or if you do have one they will send you a new one after they have received yours in the mail. They only problem with that is that if siemens ever discontinues their support for s5 which my boss has a feeling is coming, we wont have any way to replace the key disks. So if anyone has a program or knows a way to copy them.for backup use only. then i would be much obliged. Thanks in advance.

Over here in Europe it's the same story. I once even got them to send me the new disk first and afterwards I had to sent them the faulty one back. They had me on the phone and they guided me through a procedure of theirs to investigate what went wrong first.

It was no trouble at all for me except for the fact that the gentleman on the line was from Germany and didn't speak English very well. Because I have enough speaking knowledge of German we finished in German all over. No big deal at all. Kind regards. Okay Guys, I have a problem with this key disk issue and authorisation.

For me it's all bullsh. Lets take an example, if you need authorisation you have either bought the software and bolloxed up the disk you had. Maybe you didn't buy the software but you need to have the licence to programme Siemens kit.

Which has been bought and paid for!! Maybe you had the licence and 'optimised' your hard drive (which loses all your licence). Doesn't detract from the fact you paid for it. You are working with Siemens stuff and you are in sh.t. When you are on the hard end commissioning in a third world with no internet, no fax, production is stopped and you really need to make what siemens supplied work.

What do you do??? I've been there, done it, got the T shirt. I have found a way round getting Siemens stuff running whilst the offices are closed and no b.gger can help you because they are all on holiday.and because I have been a tidy little lad cleaning up my computer optimising my hard disk not knowing that this erases all your licences. Have been left in dire straights. Therefore there is no reason that any commissioning engineer should be ever left alone without the ability to quickly and easily get an authorisation which he or she needs for Siemens software or the ability to get very expensive paid for Siemens hardware running. So of you are a legit person using legit software or commissioning Siemens stuff and need help.

I will give it to you. I can help you make keydisks by email and get you up and running to make the paid for Siemens stuff run. Regards Richard Christian. Just out of curiosity, Richard, how are you going to determine via email if the individual/group you are helping has a 'legit, paid for' copy of a Siemens product and not just a set of copied disks off eBay with no authorization in the first place?

The 'legit, paid for' CYA attempt doesn't change the fact that you have a 50/50 chance in aiding in software piracy. I'm not a big fan of paying for software you need just to make the hardware you paid for operate either. But if you don't like the rules, don't play the game. What else are they going to use it for? Programming a Siemens PLC!! Helping Siemens be used in manufacturing and industry, help make Siemens stuff that is bugged beyond belief actually work. Like all versions of ProTool.

But you are absolutely correct. I would have no idea who is legit or not. But I cannot see any use or advantage or benefit, whatsoever, that anyone can obtain personally or financially by using a Siemens programme to programme Siemens hardware, either way it's paid for. I do not condone Piracy, but I believe in getting the job done in industry, that everyone has paid for and expects to be able to work 356 days a year regardless of anything. It's been paid for!! I appreciate the cost and development, but there is no reason that us guys on site should be restrained or restricted in making the hardware work for what it has been designed to do by software licencing. My biggest beef is that if someone buys the hardware.

Why don't they also get the full kit to programme it as well. Put it in the price! When you buy a car. You don't have to buy the software and authorisation to make it work do you!!

Rdf graph visualization tools. Imagine if they didn't give you the ignition key!! I know it sounds crazy. But what the hell else is anyone else going to use S7 software for?? Apart from programming Siemens hardware?? I appreciate your response.

I work with Siemens guys and they dont see the logic either. Even Siemens subsiduries have to pay for licences.and believe me, these figures run into millions. Kind regards Richard Christian p.s Please note that I put my name on everything I write. Hi Richard, You are quite right - you can't allow the loss of a license to stop a project or commissioning job.

Think however of some of our buddies that shouldn't be doing it in the first place!! Convenient loss of a license should be considered the gift horse that it really is - I am sure that you know plenty of people who call themselves commissioning engineers who shouldn't be allowed to commission the hole in a doughnut.

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For what it is worth, don't try the cracked.dll's with S7 5.3, you will get in a terrible pickle. The license disk is backupable (or copyable?) with the standard utilities - of course not under 2K, NT or XP, but there is also a much more 'safe' and slick way of backing up or otherwise storing your licenses.