Save Game Editor Resident Evil 3


Browse Resident Evil 3 files to download full releases, installer, sdk, patches, mods, demos. The first half of the game occurs 24 hours prior to Resident Evil 2 and the. For PC version -Teaches EXE editing - Change Enemy Health, Damage. Sep 08, 2018  RE4 SaveGame Editor v0.4. Resident Evil 4 UHD - Resident Evil 6. Resident Evil ReMaster Character Reskin Modification. This time the classic Maverick RE4 Game Save editor edited and remaked to work in new operative systems.

It should have been one trainer instead of two, but I couldn't merge them. It adds some spiciness to the game if you have completed it a lot of times. I may be adding more features later, but don't have any ideas left just now.
This was made for a specific game version but I forgot which one. Could be US/EU.
Known issues:
*Can't turn noclip off when you're above the normal ground level (let's say while on the stairs/crate or 2nd floor). Please do not turn noclip on as you will not be able to turn it off!
*Inventory hack doesn't work with Carlos. Can someone confirm this?
If you're not familiar with trainers, all you have to do is launch the game and the trainer and click on various cheats.
Trainer not working?
It may be because:
1. You have different Resident Evil 3 version, probably EU. To download American version go here:
2. You Resident Evil 3 .exe file is not 'ResidentEvil3.exe' All you have to do is rename it.

By: Mr.Nightmare Released To: Public Version: New! Chapter Modifier (Great to use with Alone In Africa (Removes Cutscenes & Enemies?) 2.

Area Switcher, Switch to your favorite areas quickly! Checkpoint modifier (Skip to hidden possible areas for example: Monarch room, checkpoint #2). Difficulty modifier. Player slot modifier.

Attack Reaction modifier. Player costume, character modifier (for save v1, special setting editor for v1 & v2) 8. Ability to edit all items at once. Infinite ammo enabler. Mercenaries Score Editor (Solo only, Limited Score Values) 12. Unlock All Mercenaries Characters. Unlock All Menu Items.

Alone In Africa (Remove Chris) 15. Alone In Africa (Remove Sheva) 16. Unlock All Mercenaries Levels 17. Unlock All Mercenaries Reunion Levels. Signature Modifier (So you can use other people's save data). Unlock All Story Stages (Thanks Maluc) 20. All BSAA Emblems (Thanks Maluc) 21.

Infinite Ammo (Thanks Maluc) Other Features 1. Item editor including some new ones! Points Modifier.

Gold Modifier. Built-in Checksum Calculator. Screenshots Download Includes: 1. USBXtafGUI 2. Resident Evil 5 Save Editor 3.

Xbox 360 Hash block Calculator (Resigner) Please note: There are some untested features; should bugs be present in this release, please do report it! How To Use 1. You must copy your RE5 savedata to a usb device and plug it into your computer. After that, you can then open USBXtafGUI(As Admin) then click file - Open first USB device.


Browse the folder tree, content/00/434307D4/ and obtain your savedata.bin 4. You can then extract it and load it, edit your save in the application. Once done, open your savedata.bin in Xbox 360 Hash Block Calculator and calculate the hash blocks in order to resign the container.

Inject the savedata.bin back to your usb device and load! Thank you and enjoy!