Silent Hunter 5 Patch 1.2

Originally posted by Yooperbacker: They make a post to find out an answer. I might have been a little harsh, but this was the fourth time the question was asked in a day and it had been answered clearly every time before. Sorry for jumping on ya stanneke!

The first thing a new user with a question should do here is read in order to find out an answer. That way we won't have a wave of first time posters flooding the main page with previously answered questions. I edited my with the answer, so hopefully if people even give a passing glance at that thread they'll be able to find the answer. Either way, welcome aboard stanneke! It is sad that some people spend more time complaining about nu-bees lack of knowledge than they spend helping. If it frustrates the old timers that we keep asking the same questions just do not bother to respond.

We will not thank you but at least we will not think badly of you. As to those who do help; a really big thank you! BTW, I do not know where v 1.2 but I do not seem to need it at this time. I am completely overwhelmed with all the patches available (SubSim SH5 forum) and just wonder why Ubisoft has not done more to fix and resolve the multitudinous issues with SH5. Again, Thanks to all of you who help the nu-bees.

Silent hunter 5 patch 1.2

Remo repair rar license key. Free Download Silent Hunter 5: Battle of the Atlantic Patch 1.2 - A consistent patch for Silent Hunter 5: Battle of the Atlantic that brings tons of. SH 5 patch 1.2 for 'Gold Edition' Silent Hunter 5. Hi Uber I do not know how steam downloads or works. In a normal installation you do not install to the Program files x86 folder.