Skyrim Modern Crossbow Mod Download

11 Dec This mod adds in crossbows as a full DLC style expansion to Skyrim. There are crossbows for each material type, artifact crossbows, faction. 29 Dec This mod adds all crossbows to the game we missed in Dawnguard: if you have finished the dawnguard quests for the enhanced crossbow. 15 Sep About this mod.

MediEvil- Hero of Gallowmere is a mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, created. Description: MediEvil: Hero of Gallowmere is a fan based project that aims to recreate the first four levels from MediEvil game (PSX). Get in the shoes of Sir Daniel Fortesque, a long deceased knight that just got resurrected! Explore the land of Gallowmere on your quest to catch Zarok, an evil sorcerer that stole the souls of the living and used them to rise the dead (including you). THIS MOD IS VERY PERFORMANCE HEAVY! PLEASE TAKE THAT INTO ACCOUNT WHEN DECIDING WHAT OTHER MODS TO USE WHILE PLAYING IT! THIS MOD REQUIRES TWO DLC: DAWNGUARD AND DRAGONBORN FEATURES:.

First four levels from MediEvil, rebuilded in Skyrim. This is equal to around 2-3h of gameplay. A linear Halloween-style adventure in completely new land, full of fun and a little crazy characters. Beautiful, hand-crafted areas and locations. Original soundtrack to bump the Halloween vibe even more!. Great boss fight at the end. Nikon aw100 firmware hack. Handful of puzzles and side quest to scratch your had and equip you with better gear (Short Sword, Long Sword, Throwing Daggers, Cursed Club, Crossbow, Hammer, Copper and Silver Shield).

Unique sense of humor. Ability to use your own arm as a weapon.

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Collectibles with Trivia about the original game (unlocked after defeating the boss) Instructions: Extract into ”Data” folder and activate in game’s launcher menu or use Nexus Mod Manager. Popular files for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Name Type Size Date Total 7 days mod 6.1 MB 5/7/2018 227.5K 1.2K mod 1.3 MB 144.2K 645 mod 227.2 MB 4/2/2014 50.3K 472 mod 340.9 KB 124.4K 398 mod 1315.3 MB 4/30/2016 92.4K 308 mod 165.8 MB 3/12/2016 41.8K 302 mod 1851 MB 3/13/2016 56.8K 300 mod 12.6 MB 5/7/2018 84.6K 283 mod 1.4 MB 11.5K 235 mod 14.8 MB 1/23/2017 9.2K 187 mod 285.5 MB 4/13/2018 12.1K 186 mod 11.2 MB 8/31/2016 5.2K 182 mod 60.5 MB 1/22/2018 31.2K 168 mod 158 MB 3/13/2016 9.7K 163 mod 1.5 MB 7K 158 mod 1.2 MB 9/3/2018 169 133.