Stuffit Expander Mac 10.6

StuffIt, (formerly StuffIt Standard) includes StuffIt Expander for expanding over 30 file compressed and encoded file formats, and DropStuff for creating archives in Zip, TAR or StuffIt X format.

Stuffit Expander 2011 (15.0.1) expands just about any compression format you can think of, including but not limited to:.sit,.sitx,.zip,.tar. Locate free updates for the StuffIt software you currently own, or upgrade to the latest release of Stuffit 16 for. StuffIt Expander. For Mac OS 10.6.8 and later.

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StuffIt Destinations is completely customizable.

Are you getting 'Operation Not Permitted' errors when you try to open a Zip archive? Use StuffIt instead. StuffIt can open those password protect Zip archives. Need to send files securely? StuffIt can create encrypted Zip archives, too.

• File Size: 63.33 MB • Date Released: Sep 10, 2003 • Works on: Windows 95 / Windows 98 / Windows 2000 / Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows Vista x64 / Windows XP x64 / Windows ME / Windows NT 4.0 / Windows 7 / Windows 7 x64 / Windows 8 / Windows Server 2003 x64 / Windows Server 2003 / Windows Server 2008 / Windows 8 x64 / Windows NT / Windows 2000 x64 / Windows NT 3.5 / Windows 3.1 • Doesn't Work on: • License: • Official Website: • Company: Adobe Systems Inc, • Total Downloads: 349,580 • Contributed by: • Rating: 5 of 5 ( 1 votes). Macromedia director mx 2004 free download windows.

Do you want to send a Zip archive to a Windows user? Use StuffIt to Zip archives that don't include extraneous Mac data.

A Note about StuffIt Standard's Premium Features Unregistered, Destinations will run with all features enabled for a 30 day trial period. After the trial period these features will become disabled:

  • CD/DVD Burning
  • FTP/MobileMe iDisk uploading
  • Segmenting
  • Encryption

When you enter the serial number you receive, the Premium features will be restored.

Stuffit expander mac 10.5

For more features, check out the full StuffIt Deluxe suite.