Sybase Sql Anywhere 9 X64 Download

Are there any 32-bit or 64-bit ODBC drivers for ASA 9.0 for Windows OS's available for download?
Hi everyone, I'd like to create a dsn pointing to ASA 9.0 database on a remote server. The local PC does not have any Sybase / ASA product installed. 1. Is it possible to create the DSN on this local PC? 2. If so, where can I possibly get the drivers? 3. Any other information on this will be highly appreciated. Regards. might want to post this question to the sybase.public.sqlanywhere.general newsgroup. This is an ASE newsgroup. <[email protected]> wrote in message news:[email protected]m.. > Hi everyone, > ..
Creating ASA 9 DSN on 64 bit server running 32 bit ASA 9
I have 2 servers. One is 32 bit and the other is 64 bit. They both have 32 bit ASA 9 running on them. The database is on the 32 bit server (as a network server). I'd like to install an application on the 64 bit server referencing the database on the network server. On the 64 bit server, ODBC data sources is not detecting any ASA 9 drivers. I launched 32-bit ODBC Driver Manager (<windows directory> SysWoW64odbcad32.exe) and created a DSN but the application cannot detect it. How can I go round this? Please help. Thanks. Did you create the DSN as a 'user' DSN ..
Win 64 bit ODBC drivers for ASA 10.x ?
We have downloaded SQLAnywhere10_Windows_Developer_10.0.1.exe and installed the client components but do not see the 64 bit ODBC driver. What part of this should be installed to get at the 64 bit ODBC driver? The download 'SQLAnywhere10_Windows_Developer_10.0.1.exe' is listed as 'SQL Anywhere 10.0.1 for Windows x86 and x64', which includes the x64 ODBC drivers. When you go to install the product, which options are you checking off in the component list? Note that there are the following categories when installing on an X64 system: [ ] Databases [ ..
Solaris 9 64-bit, Oracle 9.2 64-bit configure, compile, test scripts
Tim's instructions stated to post when the 'standard no option' = configure failed so here goes.. I used a string of =3D's to separate the files I cat'd to this email. Solaris 9 64-bit Oracle 64-bit perl 5.8.0=20 output from perl -V: Summary of my perl5 (revision 5.0 version 8 subversion 0) configuration: Platform: osname=3Dsolaris, osvers=3D2.9, archname=3Dsun4-solaris uname=3D'sunos ohsun3 5.9 generic_112233-05 sun4u sparc = sunw,ultra-250 ' config_args=3D'-Dprefix=3D/usr/local/perl-5.8.0 -Duse64bitall=3Dy = -Dcc=3Dg..
Comparison of 32 bit vs. 64 bit ASA 9.0.2
We are using ASA 9.0.2 32 bit version on solaris and on win2k3. We are thinking about switching to 64 bit on both the platforms. We do not have whole lot of reserch time to compare and contrast 32 bit and 64 bit versions. It will be helpful if someone could share the pros and cons of running ASA in 32 bit vs. 64 bit mode. We are specifically interested in the info such as 1. Resource requirement 2. Performance 3. scalability 4. Upgrade issues if any for switching from the 32 bit mode to the 64 bit mode. Thanks, Hi Mahesh, We currently run ASA 9.0.2. 32-bit and 64-bit ver..
Stored Proc Problem in Crystal Reports 9 + ASA 9 thru ODBC driver
Anyone has met the following problem: Connect a database thru the ODBC Driver (Adaptive Server Anywhere 9) in Crystal Reports 9. And, data fields cannot be recongized for a stored proc, it shows 'expression'. Any method to resolve the problem? Or, this is the identified problem and documented at somewhere? ..
ASA 9 ODBC driver
Is there anywhere I can download the ASA 9 ODBC drivers without doing an install of ASA? We have a shrink wrapped app that runs ASA 9 and the vendor states that they can't give us just the driver as it would violate their license agreement with Sybase. We'd like to create reports outside of the app and need the driver.. TIA, Tom Tom, The vendor of your product is pretty much right on. The ODBC drivers come as a part of the client setup. Those are licensed on either a per named user, per concurrent user or per CPU license bases Regards, Michael Gould <To..
ASA 9 ODBC drivers
Hello, is there a light runtime setup installation of the asa 9 or earlier odbc drivers (i mean only the odbc drivers for windows without all the other stuff like Sybase central or Isql..)? If so where can i download it? I found one on the original PowerBuilder installation CD but it is up to 105Mb!! thanks There is a Client only install option but it will go beyond just the ODBC drivers (the one with PB is a runtime engine). ODBC is not sufficient to host the ASA database file BTW. It also requires an engine. You could manally install only the ODBC drivers. See DEPLOY..
Communication error on ODBC connection attempt to 64 bit ASA 10 by 32 bit client
Hello, I'm unsuccessfully trying to establish an ODBC connection from a 32 bit Windows Vista computer to an ASA build on a 64 bit Windows 2003 server through tcpip. I created a system dsn entry with a 32 bit SQL Anywhere 10 driver and the tcpip entry OST=3d87.106.28.212;PORT=3d49152;CPORT=3d49430-49450 because according to the log of the db server instead of port 2638 port 49152 is used. If I test the connection I'll get the following error: Connection failed: Connection Error: Server found, but communication error The ODBC log will look like this: D..
chasing ASA 9.0.0 ODBC driver, must be PRE 9.0.0 ebf 1226
hi all, i am chasing un-updated odbc driver files (i assume DBODBC9.DLL plus related files) in an attempt to find a way to connect an old power++ app to ASA V9. I am using psdwe.ocx v5.0.3.1. Apparently this will work with 9.0.0 odbc driver files prior to ebf 1226. is there anywhere these older files can be found in the absence of an original 9.0.0 release CD? cheers, Luke You can certainly find that EBF on the downloads site (you may have to expand the timeframe to all and refresh the list). However, it will not install older files over newer files so you will nee..
64 Bit Linux ODBC Driver?
Hello, I have licensed SQL Anywhere until release 8, but I cannot find 64 bit drivers. So I logged in into my sybase account, but I couldn't find any downloads for release 8, only an Express Bug Fix for release 9. According to the file ebf/files/n_client 64bit database driverse are included in this package, but they are stored in a (proprietary format?) file files.tic and the setup tool does not work since it cannot find a release 9 installation. How can I get 64 bit odbc driverse for SQL Anywhere? Kind regards Marten Lehmann Hi Marten, By 64-bit, I assume you m..
64 bit ODBC driver for IQ?
Hi everyone, do anyone know if there is a 64 bit ODBC driver for IQ? Thanks in advance, Jose ..
odbc driver for ASA 9.01
hello. We have an install of ASA 9.01(SQL Anywerhe Studio) on Win2k3. Is there a driver out there for download and/or purchase that will allow for odbc connections from a unix machine? (a .so odbc driver?) We need to access the database on various systems and I'm looking for a consistent way to do this. Connections are made via PHP running in Apache from both windows and linux. I've tried freetds/unixOdbc with no success. and the Sybase driver for unixODBC only supports ASE 12. Thanks for any assistance you can provide. Jeff You should be able to buy UNIX client..
ODBC driver on 64 bit server
I've got a Windows Storage Server 2003 64-bit server on a Dell PowerEdge 2950. After installing Sybase SQL Anywhere 8, I don't see the ODBC driver under the System DSN tab. Does that need to be installed manually? If so, can you give me instructions? Thanks, Ken 64 bit Windows (or at least the x64 version which is the one I have) has two ODBC control applets. One for 64 bit apps, which is the one you see in Control Panel etc, and one for 32 bit apps which has no shortcut anywhere. Look for ODBCADM32.EXE in the SYSWOW64 directory; something like C:WINDOWSSysWOW64..

SAP SQL Anywhere is a comprehensive suite of solutions that provides data management and synchronization technologies that enable the rapid development and deployment of database-powered applications in embedded, SaaS, remote and mobile environments. The SAP SQL Anywhere Database Client includes the following components: Full set of available client interfaces, such as ODBC, JDBC, ADO.NET and so on. Administration tools such as SQL Central and Interactive SQL.

Have a quick question on this that I'm sure could be relatively easy to answer. I'm setting up a new machine and it's my first 64bit machine. I'm going back and installing SQL Anywhere 9 - 12 on it. When I installed 9, I just by habit placed the 32bit install CD in the drive.

Immediately it came up and asked me if I was sure I wanted to install the 32bit version on a 64bit OS. I told it go ahead because I need access to the 32bit components. However, I thought, I'll just install the 64bit version after that. Well, I may not have thought it through completely. Long story short, I applied the EBF's to the 32bit install before I started trying to install the 64bit version. Dumb move on my part since I'm thinking 'Oh crap!!

Now I'm possibly downgrading components.' From what I can see, it looks like it tried to install the majority of components in the standard 64bit directory, but then it tried to install some others in the x86 (32bit) directories. Everything started going downhill after that. Started getting some errors with some of the Java components. I didn't jot them down at the time.

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I ended up uninstalling everything due to the issues I was seeing. I guess my question is. Should I be able to install both the 32bit and 64bit versions of SQL Anywhere 9 on the same box? If so, is there anything I should be aware of before I start this over?

I'm thinking for one thing that I shouldn't apply any EBF's until both base versions are installed. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. TIA Jeff Gibson Intercept Solutions - Sybase SQL Anywhere OEM Partner Nashville, TN.