T6sp.exe - Dxgi.dll .

This documentation is preliminary and is subject to change. This automated test verifies that the IDXGIOutput::FindClosestMatchingMode method is correctly implemented. This test generates a predetermined set of target modes, and enumerates the available modes. For each target mode, the test predicts the mode that the FindClosestMatchingMode method should return.

Trainz demo 2005

Nov 18, 2012 - Application Name: t6sp.exe. Application Version: Application Timestamp: 509a7621. Fault Module Name: dxgi.dll!CreateDXGIFactory1.

Note For command-line help for this test binary, type /?


I bought original BO2, installed it then when try to load it it says: first installation or something installing microsoft directx, then the program call of duty stopped working option close the program or go inline for solution. Superior windows xp x64 edition (64 bit) (2011) multilanguage key. I check the directx, try to download the latest it says that i already have the latest. Video drivers updated. System is windows vista 64 bit, ati radeon hd 4870x2, 8gb ram cordair dominator gt, asus rampage extreme, i do not think it's a problem of hardware, other games work just fine.

The 'url' of the single player icon for example is steam://rungameid/202970 I am logged in as an administrator, i don't have any other users, if i try to run the game from the install folder it says: t6sp.exe - Entry point non found. The procedure entry point CreateDXGIFactory1 coould not be located in the dynamic link library dxgi.dll. What the hell does this mean?

It's actually embarassing, i must have the most stupid pc in the world. I just tried to oper steam as administrator in any case but it doesn't open. I reinstalled steam and the game itself twice already.