Team Fortress 2 Items

Items refer to objects that players can collect and use within Team Fortress 2.With some exceptions, weapons are the only type of item in the game to directly influence gameplay; all other items are purely cosmetic.

The Battallion's Backup (Soldier) $5 The defensive cousin of The Buff Banner. Smart for payload maps where you're usually grouped-up with teammates, but being selfless isn't worth $5. NO, CRAFT IT The Degreaser (Pyro) $5 The Degreaser's fast weapon switch feat is lightning-quick-designed for heatmakers that like to quick-toast enemies and then finish them off with a swing of the Axetinguisher, but no one else. NO Your Eternal Reward (Spy) $5 This is the Spy's first-ever replacement for his knife. It's made impotent by the trait that if you poke a Heavy in his spine, you auto-disguise yourself as that class, inhibiting your ability to chain kills together when your footspeed automatically slows to that of the last character you killed. NO L'Etranger (Spy) $2.50 Recharge your cloak battery with potshots.

An unimaginative utility item for Spies that like to operate in the open. NO The Bushwacka (Sniper) $5 Another overpriced weap.

Only useful when paired with Jarate attacks, and barely indistinguishable from the Tribalman's Shiv and the Sniper's stock Kukri. NO Darwin's Danger Shield (Sniper) $5 A croc cape isn't worth five bucks.

Useful only to conservative or Snipers offended by Jarate, as it occupies the slot of one of TF2's best items. NO Dueling Mini-game (All) $1 (for five duels) Hold on, these are consumable? What the hell. You get five duels, initiated by equipping the item from your backpack, hitting H, and selecting the player you'd like to spar with as a metagame within your match. But bizarrely, duels don't last an entire map-just a round within that map. In other words: if you initiate a duel with someone with two minutes remaining on the second stage of Dustbowl, it'll only count kills within the context of those two minutes. Winning a duel grants you a badge that tracks your wins and win percentage in duels, levelling up metallically as you win more.

NO, AND POTENTIALLY HABIT-MAKING Paint Cans (All) $2.50 Not usable with any weapons; at the moment, you can only pour paint on a handful of hats. The end color isn't especially bright, either.

This guide will be listing some of the rarest items in Team Fortress 2. RULES: An item can't be on this list just 'because it's expensive'. They have to have something unique about them (eg. Glitched, Limited, The way you obtain it).

The Unusuals have to have less than around 25 in existence or be a coat or something. The item has to be used by the community at least once even if it got deleted after. There might be a few items on this list that aren't that rare such as the Big Kill etc they are allowed on because they aren't really rare like most items on this list but you don't see them very often either. Unusuals will be noted down and I'll add a few once suggestions start to die down and there isn't much else I can add.

Also note the items on this list are in no particular order. All set Lets go. The Top Notch is the only one of it's kind in existence. It's an all-class hat that looks like the head of Markus Persson's (Notch the developer of Minecraft's) Minecraft Skin.

When worn by the Demoman, a patch covers the left eye. The idea for the Top Notch originated when Notch complained on twitter saying nobody believed he was Notch when he was playing Team Fortress 2.

A reply to this tweet suggested Notch should tell Valve to make a special hat for him to prove it, and so that's what Valve did. Suggested by: Quintessence, Big Smoke, Mr.Maggot. There are only 151 Genuine Little Bears in existence. The Little Bear is a cosmetic for the Heavy that adds a small team-colored version of the Giant Heavy Robot in a pouch to the Heavy's belt.

You can get a Genuine Little Bear if you purchase the ThreeA Toys RED or BLU Robo-Heavy models for $220! Well to be honest it's still better than the $400 RED and BLU Robo-Pyro figures in terms of price, by the way you only have to buy one of the either RED or BLU Robo-Heavy figures to get this but the Robo-Pyro you had to buy both in a Double-Pack. The price is 7 keys and there are quite a few sellers. These are the Robo-Heavy models: BLU - RED - Suggested by: PRO. The Robo-Sandvich is a re-skin of the regular Sandvich and was given to players who purchased the 1:1 scale Sandvich toy from the Valve Store. The toy came with a code which upon activation would give players the 'What's in the Sandvich Box?'

Item and when opened in game would give players the Robo-Sandvich in Genuine quality. This item is rare because the Sandvich toy is now discontinued and the only way of getting this item is by 1. Buying a Sandvich from eBay or any other online shopping websites that still has the code with it.

Buying one from for 18 keys. This is the Sandvich toy. The Grandmaster is a promotional cosmetic item for all classes. It is a team-colored hard hat, with a small chess board attached by a rubber spring and two strips of rubber, which bounce around as the player moves.

On top of the chess board, a small device projects a small red bomb hologram on the RED team, and a blue wrench hologram on the BLU team, both of which rotate. As the player's killstreak rises, the hologram projection changes to various chess pieces. This item was awarded in Genuine quality to players who purchased the Exclusive Team Fortress 2 Chess Set from ThinkGeek or the Valve Store. The TF2VRH (short for Team Fortress 2 Very Rectangular Headset) is a promotional cosmetic item for all classes. It is a black head-mounted display unit with a rectangular screen that covers the wearer's eyes, resembling that of the Oculus Rift. If the user is using the Oculus Rift headset as a display while playing Team Fortress 2 and has entered -vr into the game's launch preferences, the rim of the virtual item will emit a faint team-colored glow.

The whole headset is designed to look like the Oculus Rift VR head-mounted display. The TF2VRH was issued in Genuine quality to players who redeemed the code obtained by pre-ordering an Oculus Rift development kit from the official developer website before April 1, 2013 or by backing any level on the official Kickstarter page. Suggested by: Ĵ𝕠ℍᑎภЎ ᗪ𝐎𝐞. The Finder's Fee is a cosmetic item for all classes. It is a baseball cap with an anti-bug logo on the front and an insect wearing a smaller baseball cap on the top, presumably resembling a bug exterminator cap.

The Finder's Fee is awarded to players who report major economy-breaking bugs or remote-code-execution bugs, and provide detailed information and steps to reproduce. It's possible to receive more than one hat, the player can also choose what unusual effect they would like on the hat. Suggested by: Cowser the Koopahog. The Lo-Fi Longwave is an all-class hat rewarded to players to partisipate in a KritzKast event and are lucky enough to recieve one or have done something worth being awarded the hat by KritzKast. The hat was first awarded in Vintage quality to a limited but unspecified number of players for being a member of the KritzKast Steam Group prior to 7pm June 12th 2011, 1 hour before the live recording of podcast episode #121.

Before a hat was awarded, the members had to obtain a passing score on the KritzKast quiz. Players who did not win on the quiz were allowed to retake it as often as they wished so long as they left four hours between attempts. Those who were not part of the KritzKast steam group before the deadline received a message from Saxton Hale stating they were 'manly enough not to receive' the 'girly' hat.

Suggested by: Yung Autism. The Gifting Man From Gifting Land is an all-class hat that is awarded the following day to the player that gave the most gifts in a single day either through Secret Saxtons or Pile o' Gifts.

It is an oversized top hat that covers the top half of the player's head, with a unique team-colored glow around the edges only seen on it, Dueler and Philateler. Sadly possession of the hat is not permanent and is limited to the player that gave the most gifts in a given 24-hour period. This may allow the same player to possess the hat multiple days in a row if the player can maintain the most gifts given. Paint, custom descriptions and custom names on this hat, as well as its level, will carry over to the next owner. Suggested by: VIRI. The Dueler is an all-class hat that is awarded the following day to the player with the most duel wins in a day. It is an oversized top hat large enough to cover the top half of the player's head.

It has a team-colored glow around it's edges unique to only it, Gifting Man From Gifting Land and Philateler. Sadly possession of the hat is not permanent and is limited to the player with the most duel wins in a given 24-hour period. This may allow the same player to own the hat multiple days in a row if the player can keep the most duel wins. Paint, custom descriptions and custom names on this hat will carry over to the next owner. Suggested by: VIRI.

The Philateler is an all-class hat that is awarded the following day to the player that purchased the most Map Stamps in one day. It is an oversized top hat covered in stamps with a magnifying glass and a folded map stuck in the band. The hat is large enough to cover the top half of the player's head, and gives off a unique team-colored glow only seen on it, Dueler and Gifting Man From Gifting Land. Sadly possession of the hat is not permanent and is limited to the player that purchased the most Map Stamps in a given 24-hour period.

This may allow the same player to own the hat multiple days in a row if the player can maintain the most Map Stamps purchased. Paint, custom descriptions and custom names on this hat, as well as its level, will carry over to the next owner. Also once obtained it will automatically apply itself to the top cosmetic slot of the player's last used loadout for every class. Suggested by: VIRI. If you do something great for the Team Fortress 2 community you might get chosen to receive a Community quality weapon.

The weapon can only be stock (eg: Revolver, Medigun, Shotgun) and you can choose which one you want yourself. Eric Smith or any other Valve employee on the TF Team will send you an email telling you that you have been awarded with one for your 'Continued efforts to build and maintain the Team Fortress 2 Community.' The weapon of your choosing will also come with the unusual effect: 'Community Sparkle'. The Saxxy is an all-class weapon resembling that of an Oscar Awards statue but instead being Saxton Hale. It functions identically to the wielder's default melee weapon, but any enemies killed by it will turn into solid golden statues instead of rag-dolls.

Dell optiplex 210l drivers windows 7. This gold effect applies to jiggle bones which freeze in place. The Saxxy can be obtained by making an animation (1 minute long in Short category, 5 minutes long in Extended category and 3 minutes long for every other category) in Valve's Source FilmMaker program.

The competition starts every year around September and ends around the 11th of November. Suggested by: Sir Buttershoes. The Memory Maker is a melee weapon for all classes with the exception of the Engineer and the Spy. It is a hand-operated 8mm camcorder with a triple rotating lens, a loose lever on its side and a handle on the bottom. This weapon functions identically to the Stock melee weapons. This item was awarded to players who submitted their entries for the Second, the Third, the Fourth, the Fifth, or the Sixth Annual Saxxy Awards and made it to the finalists before the official announcement of winners.

I would really like to own one of these because I am trying to collect every weapon and skin in the game. Suggested by: Sir Buttershoes. The Golden Wrench is a re-skin of the Stock Wrench for the Engineer which turns people to solid gold statues upon kill and has unique voice lines for the Engineer which can be heard when equipped. This weapon was a promotional feature of the Engineer Update. Players were informed that every time someone crafted something, there was a small chance a Golden Wrench would drop.

Only 100 Golden Wrenches were available, and the ability to smelt reclaimed metal back into scrap metal and refined metal back into reclaimed metal was suspended during this time to prevent exploiting the crafting system to continuously craft, therefore increasing the chance of you getting a Golden Wrench. After each 25 Golden Wrench milestone, a new section of the Engineer Update would be released. These wrenches aren't tradable to sadly there is not possible way of obtaining one anymore. Also 14 Golden Wrenches were destroyed as part of the Golden Charity event in support of Child's Play on August 31 2010 making these even rarer. The Deflector is a primary weapon used by the Deflector Heavy in Mann vs.

It's model and function are identical to that of the Heavy's stock Minigun. When used by Deflector Heavies the weapon disables projectiles (Such as rockets, grenade pills, sandman balls etc), causing them to drop from the air. When carried by the Giant Deflector Heavy, it also uses different spin up and firing firing sound effects as well as different tracer effects from the Minigun, with a green tracer effect rather than the usual yellow. This item shouldn't normally be able to be equipped by any class but one player once found an exploit in the item schema which could be used to obtain any item in the game. He wrote a description of the exploit and sent it to Valve and for proof he gave himself a Deflector with the Unique quality.

Valve removed the item and awarded him with an unusual of his choice. So no you can't get this item anymore unless you find a similar exploit but it did once exist so that counts. Suggested by: Cowser the Koopahog. The Gatebot hat is an all-class hat that can only be worn by the Mannhattan robots in Mann vs Machine. There was a bug that got fixed in the November 22, 2013 Patch which let you craft these Gatebot hats.

The backpack icon would be a purple and black missing texture and the item would clip through the head of each class and any hats worn with it. When the bug was fixed Valve released a new item called the 'Glitched Circuit Boards' which sell on for 20 keys. Only 105 of these items were crafted. Here is a Reddit Post I found from 3 years ago: Only Heavy can equip it and I can't put it up on the market. I used three refined to craft it, so I don't know if rebuilding headgear will do the same thing, or even if another three refined will too.

EDIT: Looks like Valve just now updated the item schema to make these untradable and uncraftable. Damn, should have capitalized on it while I had the chance. Guess now we'll see what Valve is going to do for those of us who got one. EDIT 2: Valve now changed the item to be #TFITEMGLITCHEDCIRCUITBOARD and is no longer wearable, but the backpack texture is still the purple checkerboard.

Well, it certainly was glitched. Seems like Valve does have some plan to compensate me for my three refined. EDIT 3: Valve has pretty much made this glitch into a limited edition cosmetic item for us lucky few that crafted it.

The item is officially called the 'Glitched Circuit Board' and its description is 'The remains of a Robo GateBot Light. It self-destructed after falling into the hands of a human.'

It's wearable, but I don't see it on my player model. Still, thanks Valve! Best three refined I ever spent. I'm not likely to sell it, since I'm not really into trading and it's taken a small bit of sentimental value now that Valve acknowledged what happened. Glitched Normal weapons and crafted weapons. There was a glitch where if you unboxed/crafted any stock weapons it would be titled as 'Normal' rather than 'Unique' or even 'Strange'.

It resulted in Strange Normal weapons too, and even some Australiums. The prices of these vary from 15 key to 918 keys on

Another way some items became normal was if you accidentally deleted or got scammed out of your eg. Steam support would return the item to you in Normal quality. Here is a list of ones I could find on Normal Black Rose - 918 keys Normal Ellis's Cap - 510 keys Normal Australium Grenade Launcher - 285 keys Normal Purity Fist - 240 keys Normal Bat - 192 keys Normal Sniper Rifle - 110 keys Normal Batsaber - 66 keys Normal Scattergun - 50 keys Normal Medi Gun - 50 keys Normal Minigun - 40 keys Normal Stickybomb Launcher - 18 keys Normal Grenade Launcher - 18 keys Normal Flame Thrower - 15 keys Suggested by: Crazeeguy, cribz., Okay, PureSalt DannyPlaysSomeGames, Mint. During the Scream Fortress 2016 event a bug was found which caused Australium weapons to drop as Unique but still with the Strange kill counter. Only 2 Unique Australiums were dropped: An Australium Sniper Rifle and Scattergun. According to the original owner of the Sniper Rifle when his 3rd crate opened at the end of a 2Cities tour there was no 'Crack, Bap and Snap' which is usually heard when getting an Australium, instead it just opened like a normal crate.

The original owner of the Sniper Rifle was sterniR and the owner of the Scattergun was DigitalEvorian both of the Unique Australiums now belong to the collector known as Ace. Suggested by: sterniR. On July 4th 2015 a bug was fixed where Killstreak Kits would drop without having a weapon applied. Normal kits were just called (example) 'Professional Killstreak Back Scatter Kit' but these bugged ones were just called (example) 'Professional Killstreak Kit' and could be applied to literally any item. So people started collecting them and applying them to their most prized possessions such as Unusual hats and Keys which made those items even more expensive. Of course you can't kill someone with a hat so you wouldn't be able to gain Godlike Killstreaks and these were purely cosmetic. Below is a video about killstreak kits by a YouTuber and Streamer called CeeJaey check out his channel he makes some great content if you are into trading (This is not a paid promotion).

This was a pain to research but from what me and DannyPlaysSomeGames have found out is that there was an old glitch that got patched years ago. The glitch let you offer someone a trade, keep it open and then add them and negotiate a trade and the achievement item would still be there where you could trade for it. That or people contacted steam support and were given back their item in a tradable state. The glitch can't be preformed anymore so the few tradable achievement hats there are are the only ones. But some items like the Black Rose became tradable through a different way, apparently the Black Rose was said to become tradable at some point but Valve must have decided not to go through with that idea and some players contacted Valve asking for a tradable version and so an unaware Valve employee gave some players tradable versions of the Black Rose.

This might not be 100% fact but its the best story we could find. 2018 Fedora here, I was just told that the Black Rose was also tradable for a day back in Gun Mettle thanks to Scotty for telling me that one.

Suggested by: ☆ⱣṨ Spook Toque, Solruc. This is an interesting one.

A few months after the Cow Mangler 5000 was added to the game an update to it caused the item to be paintable until Valve realized this and fixed it within 5 minutes on October 14th 2011. But during those 5 minutes the few lucky people to realize this and painted their Cow Manglers. The few that are still in existence (because people thought Valve were going to unpaint all of them and make them worthless so they deleted them) are really hard to find and most are painted either 'A Distinctive Lack of Hue' or 'Value of Teamwork'. Besides the model being painted another cool thing about these is that the projectile itself also used to be painted and looked weird that has since been patched so we only have the painted model now. This is a popular one. The Bill's Hat is one of the most famous and most worn all class hats in the game.

It was a promotional item from Valve's game 'Left 4 Dead'. But the Vintage variant of the Bill's Hat exists not because of the Mannconomy Update but because there was a bug where people's items would disappear and people would complain to Steam Support and they would get their items back in Vintage quality (this is why Vintage versions of things like the Scrap Metal, Alien Swarm Parasite etc exist). There are around 600 of these in existence and they sell for 9 keys or so due to them being the most common one that Valve restored. These were obtained the same way as the Vintage Bill's Hat above ^ They are just more rare.

Vintage Earbuds - 948 keys Vintage Max's Severed Head - 744 keys Vintage Refined Metal - 564 keys Vintage Reclaimed Metal - 500 keys Vintage Ghastlierest Gibus - 470 keys Vintage Big Kill - 400 keys Vintage Shortstop - 350 keys Vintage Scrap Metal - 330 keys Vintage Class Tokens - 192 keys Vintage Slot Tokens - 192 keys Vintage Alien Swarm Parasite - 138 keys Vintage Lumbricus Lid - 126 keys Vintage Lugermorph - 4.8 keys. The Telltale Games employees who designed weapons from Sam and Max and Poker Night at the Inventory for TF2 were awarded a Vintage Lugermorph and Max's Head and because they were Self-Made they had the effect: Community Sparkle. These items were never supposed to be tradable but by the time Valve got to the issue people were already buying and selling them for large amounts of money. You can currently get a Community Sparkle Lugermorph from for 360 keys but they are super hard to find.

These are unusuals that were awarded to players who found a huge economy breaking bug, glitch or exploit from Valve. Valve gave these players the option to pick whatever hat they would like with any effect as a reward for finding these problems. You can no longer get these items because Valve have since introduced the Finder's Fee which is what they now give to players who have found problems in the code ect. Here is a list of some of the players, hats and problem that were fixed: Bn4, Max's Severed Head with Sunbeams, Reported a serious exploit regarding strangifiers and killstreak kits to Valve. Pumkin, Cheater's Lament with Sunbeams, Reported a serious exploit regarding item generation to Valve. Harkku, Max's Severed Head with Burning Flames, Reported a serious exploit regarding Giftapults and Key generation. Meepsauce, Hat of Undeniable Wealth And Respect with Sunbeams, Reported a serious exploiting regarding Giftapults and Key generation.

Milk and ash, Ebenezer with Sunbeams, Reported a serious exploit regarding account control to Valve. RonaldDD, Ghastlierest Gibus with Sunbeams, Reported a glitch where you could double the max ammount of characters in a Name Tag. There are a lot more out there but these are the most popular ones I could find. Suggested by: PureSalt DannyPlaysSomeGames, Comgal.

In the 'End of The Line' update some of the new torso cosmetics including the 'Sleeveless in Siberia', 'Hunter Heavy' and the 'Coldfront Curbstompers' were unboxable in Unusual quality for a short period of time. Not many people were lucky enough to be able to unbox one because the bug was patched after about 3 days which is why only 18 exist counting them all together that is. They have the, at that time, new unusual effects which would appear inside the player's stomach when in a game. They are really expensive on (Curbstompers 1750 keys, Sleeveless in Siberia 622 keys and Hunter Heavy 633 keys) encase you would like to buy one. Also well done -V-A-N-I-T-Y- for being one of the few people to own one of these. Suggested by: -V-A-N-I-T-Y.

Item grades were first used in the Gun Mettle Update, grades aren't a quality but rather an indicator of rarity. Among these rarities from least rare to the rarest are: 'Civilian', 'Freelance', 'Mercenary', 'Commando', 'Assassin' and the infamous 'Elite' grade. Elite grade unusuals have less than a 1% chance to be opened from most graded cases, with many of them having less than 50 versions in existence.

Some excellent examples of the elite grade rarity are the following unusuals: 'Unusual Sucker slug', 'Unusual Corona Australis', 'Unusual Potassium Bonnet' and 'Unusual Captain Cardbeard Cutthroat'. Various negative opinions towards graded cosmetics are common, such as the opinion that graded cosmetics bring an artificial rarity to the market, making unattractive items expensive and causing good-looking items to flood the market with countless instances in existence. The cheapest 'Unusual Sucker Slug' you'll find will set you back at least 100 keys due to it's grade, it's also restricted to 'Invasion Community Update' effects such as 'Abduction' or 'Electric Hat Protector'. The cheapest 'Unusual Corona Australis' you'll find will set you back at least 190+ keys due to it's grade, even with all pure, good luck finding one as many of these amazing hats have been snagged by collector's! It is also restricted to Invasion Effects.

The cheapest 'Unusual Potassium Bonnet' you'll find will set you back at least 210+ keys due to it's grade, only two of them have sold recently, both to collector's. It's possible to unbox one with any unusual effect of the three main generations. The cheapest 'Unusual Captain Cardbeard Cutthroat' you'll find will set you back at least 300 keys, many of the prices on are outdated and barely any are for sale. It is not restricted to which effect it can have within the three generations. Suggested by: Purple Hills Thanks to Purple Hills for taking their time to write this paragraph:D. I own a strange one of these, 3 keys well spent.