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Madhu Babu's fictional detectives, Shadow, Gangaram, Kulakarni, Mukesh, Bindu, Srikar became very popular during the 1970-1990s. He has also written novels in Telugu weeklies Swathi, Navya and also Nadhi Monthly. He has his own publication house. He has also written film and television scripts.

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Mod Ok, i just got jealous of my other south-indian cousins talking of Tamil n Malayalam literature, hence this thread. Anyways, i read a number of telugu novels in a short period of about 6 months, read close to 20 novels at least. And the one that comes to my mind first is a novel called 'Casanova 99' by Its an espionage thriller, with an intelligent plot. Never read another like that in any language. It's abt a sleeper agent of Pakistan's ISI who is planted deep within Andhra Pradesh in a remote village with about 100 crores or so.

The plan is for this agent to slowly enter the politics and become India's PM. Xpango iphone x. The agent does succeed in this task and finally becomes the PM after 20 years and meanwhile the higher-ups in Pak who know about him also die.

Now, how is he caught, that too by an old near-blind indian? What does he accomplish before he is caught, that makes the story, and it's a damn interesting one! Mod he he.i read telugu novels for only a short while, right after my schooling when i wasn't allowed to buy new english books and so had to get on to the attic and dust all those telugu novels that my dad once collected. As for what to read, depends on ur taste.

Are u into romance or mystery reads or life in general? Vijetha is one that comes to my mind immediately, it's a serious read, not a fun novel. THere are two by that name, am talking of the one authored by Suryadevara Ram Mohan Rao And Casanova 99, that stuck in my mind mostly because of it's ingenious plot! Look at thte first post for more details. And another is called Azaad i guessm which incidentally is the basis for Nagarjuna's telugu movie Azaad. I assure you the novel is much better than that flop movie. Can't suggest much in romance etc, as reading romance in telugu gets a bit too crude, esp for those who aren't habituated to the language, if u know what i mean.

Vijay wrote: 'Yandamoori's books are great. I've read 'abhilasha' by him. Great book,also I've read 'parnasala' though I don't remember the author. Does anyone happen to know?' In fiction I have read only Ankitham among Yendamurri. Priya wrote: 'Hi Phani Happy to see someone discussing Telugu books.

How is the book? The only Sri Sri's book I read is Maha Prasthanam. Currently I am reading Malladi's Yamadootha' This is collection of short stories. The stories are very different from the kind of ones I have read in any language(I started reading recently and so there may be works of this kind, which I don't know.).

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I would highly recommend this book. If you want to start this book, then don't get overwhelmed by the language of first story. Other stories have simple language. (I saying this because I kinda got overwhelmed due to lack of practice after my schooling which is like 7 years ago.) Please recommend books which you loved. Just checked this section out of curiosity. Surprised to see entire discussion revolving around Yandamoori. Yes, I grew up reading his novels when I was in high school.

May be that gave the confidence to call him directly and request to launch my first book. I was more than surprised when he simply said: 'Alagenamma, Cheddam'. And when I met him in person, the way he spoke had in fact, raised the level of my respect to him. He wondered how come a person with tamil name could talk so fluent telugu. When I told I was born and brought up in Kanigiri, Ongole and studied in Telugu medium he wondered again how could I ended up writing something in English. Now, I didn't have an answer. Even before and after releasing the book, when my friends were praising his works that were nearly three decades old, it was they who were happy that they are talking to Yandamoori in real.

It appears rather than promoting my book, I am writing on Yandamoori. Seems Hajarath Prasad wanted to read Maha Prasthanam. In fact, along with this you should also read 'Amrutham kurisina Rathri' by Devarakonda Balagangadhara Tilak. Seeing suddenly some posts in which telugu lit is discussed made me nostalgic. I request all to keep this thread alive, as I observed there were no posts in the last seven months. Get inspired. Mod I am sure i have read Madhu babu waaaaay 2001!!!

So no way i can recollect the names. Even those novels were part of my dad's collection, not mine. And that reminds me, my father had collected all editions of Chandamama for a couple of decades and had them bound! And i particularly remember one series called 'Thoka chukka' that i particularly liked. In one of my visits to dad's place last year, i digged in and found those bound editions and was so nostalgic looking at those illustrated series:D.

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