Terni Rifle Serial Numbers

It came from Italy. Looks to be an M38 and if still in the original chambering would be a 6.5x52 but the English proofs say 6.5x54 so it would be a good idea to do a chamber cast before firing to see which. It was made at the R.E. Terni arsenal and the markings on the butt are the serial number, looks to have over stamped with another at some point. The marking below the 'V' in the s/n on the receiver is the Tiro a Segno Nazionali marking which means the rifle was above average in the accuracy department and during WWII it was likely issued to the best shot of a given unit to be used in the sniping roll. It is said that rifles bearing such marking are exceedingly uncommon.

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Is it still in original military trim or has Bubba the gun plumber had hold of it?

Dec 23, 2011  plant elsewhere and called the Terni rifle. Some parts were made in small plants and assembled at Terni, thus the Terni name. Because the guns looked alike, (the 7.35 mm and the 6.5 mm ) the. > Italian serial numbers marking system.

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