Terramite T5c Serial Number Location

Feb 25, 2010  Re: terramite t5c info I did a quick search on google and found a lot of info. Capacities, weight, etc. Seem to be a favorite for. Used TERRAMITE T5C For Sale In BRISTOL, Virginia. Serial Number: 2350495.

Hello everyone, I purchased a 2000 Terramite T5D with 1486 hours about a month ago,and love it. I just found this forum and thought I would put in a good word for these hard working little TLB's. So far I have put in a 200ft drain line,cleaned up two old burn piles,spread new gravel on the driveway,hauled away a large pile of concrete,dug out several small tree's and bushes and moved alot of dirt with it. I am very impressed at how hard these things will work. I have put about 60 hours on it in the last 3 weeks and it has not skipped a beat.

It starts and runs Great and has been a very reliable little machine. I have 8 acres and a machine this size is about perfect for my needs.

So far it has done everything that I have ask it to do without breaking a sweat. I would recamend a terramite to any one looking for a small TLB. Just bought a T5D 4x4 also, from original owner with 480 hours. Warranty/purchase date is 5/00. Beautiful lil machine.

Called terramite in charlston,VA and asked about a service manual- said they dont make one, just a parts manual and use the T7 for the T5D same machine just changed the name. Parts service said call him back with part numbers you need and he can cross ref them for napa filters. I would like to change all the fluids and filters so i am off to a clean start.

I would also like to replace the alternator belt on the perkins 3 cyl diesel. Does anyone know what part no, is for the belt?

Did not see that in the manual i downloaded, thanks. Hi folks I have a 2001 T5D I bought about 10 months ago. Nice strong tractor for my needs, which has been clearing a little over an acre of overgrown brazilian pepper trees and digging out the stumps.

I been slowed down because these woods are also entangled in vines. Anyway I finally decided to make a rake type attachment to the bucket so I can reach way up, and come down on these thick vines, then use the tractor in reverse to pull them out. Watch naruto shippuden episode 394.

I have a photo of this rig below. I welded a Harbor Freight 2' receiver on to the top of the bucket in the center and the rig attaches to that. I also can put a ball hitch into that receiver and move trailers around easily. I tested out this vine rake and it worked just as good as I thought it would making easy work of pulling these vines out so I can get into where the tree is to be able to cut then dig out the stumps. I'll have to remember to get my wife out to take some pictures of the rake in action.

My T5C was bought quite 'used' several yrs ago, but has been gittin' 'er done with great support from the TerraQuip folks since day one. A newsletter explained the recent change of ownership that should only make things better for us owners. I've never felt their website contained as much info as I like to see, but for those of us who do things well by phone I must say their service can't be beat. (I download and printed a manual from their site) Despite some 'obsoleted' components on my older machine they've kept me going with a minimum of fuss on my part. I must say that T5C's boom swing is a bit narrow for much other than trenching (can't get close enough to a big hole to dig and dump), but I've yanked enough huge autumn olives by the roots and buried enough livestock to see no need for anything bigger for large scale gardening, etc. (drives thru' a 4' gate, and trailers easily!) The latest numbers I have for Terramite are 304-776-4231, 800-428-3771.

Let 'em know which power you have (Honda, Kohler, etc) and they'll give you the part #s you'll need. Prices for some items may seem steep but not much can go wrong, and nothing is easier to service. Congrats on an enviably sweet acquisition! Ryck, On mine I get 32' extended and 24.5 retracted.

But Be aware that mine is an older machine that doesn't have the extra links in the bucket hook-up (don't know what the links are called). The cylinder rod connects directly to the bucket. I've often wondered what the advantage to the link pieces is? On this machine the chassis indicates it is a T5B while what look like original stickers on the backhoe and loader frame are T5C. I may have some kind of mutt, but she has done an amazing amount of work for me.


Good luck with yours. If you have some work for it I bet you won't be disappointed with the work and expense it needs, to have a fine machine. Post some photos.

We like to see this stuff! You can see mine working and how the bucket attaches, when I still couldn't control well, early on, on youtube, onedamascusmaker. Hi Matt, Thanks for the info my t5c does have the extra links on the bucket. I FINALLY got ahold of the factory TERRAQUIP and they sell the cylinder for over $400 plus WITHOUT shipping. Needless to say but I will be looking for an aftermarket one and adapt it to my machine.

BY THE WAY the guy I spoke to at terraquip WAS A COMPLETE JERK! I had seen your video on youtube before joinging this forum.I have a friend who lives in CANCUN, MX who's last name is Damascus and your name caught my attention. Cheers, Ryck. Hi Old gring, Thanks for the info. I was finally able to get through on the 800 hundred number but had a bad experience with the two guys I spoke with. My first call was to get the price and availability of the NEUTRAL PEDAL SPRING which is missing off of my machine. The parts guy told me that they only come in packages of two although it only requires one and that the price is $35.00 plus shipping.

He also said that in the future if I wanted any other part. DONT CALL IF YOU DON'T HAVE YOUR SERIAL NUMBER! I called back the next day with my serial number to find out the price of the engine coupler to transmission and the price of the backhoe bucket cylinder. I was quoted a price of $168.00 for the coupler and over $400.00 for the cylinder. Well with the economy the way it is. I can not afford those prices, so I will look else where for the parts I need and post any information later so others can save money as well. I ALSO FOUND OUT AFTER GIVING THEM MY SERIAL NUMBER, MY T5C IS A 2001 MODEL.

Cheers, Ryck. I love my terramite,but the factory parts price's are waaaay overpriced!

They charge a minimum of $20.00 shipping even if it is only for a decal. Also the parts that I ordered did not even come painted???? Thats left up to the buyer. Talk about cheezy! Bad pollicy on the company's part as far as I'm concerned. Hopefully travis will read this and pass along the customer Disatisfaction to the higher up's at Terramite. The least they could do is paint the part's for the price's they are charging for them.