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The Script bids for user definded prices automatically. (((Setup First of all you need to set it up for your language by telling the Script what is written on the 'bid' button in your version of Travian, in English it is obviously 'bid' and does not need to be defined. You do this by clicking on 'Settings of Auto-Bid'(T4) or 'Language Setting' (T4.2/T4.4). Next you define the prices you want to bid for certain products by clicking on these prices.

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If a price is 0 you do not bid for this product. Then you set the Silvermin value. This value is the silver you keep and do not use for auctions. You have 1500 silver and set silvermin to 1000, the Script makes offers until your silver reaches 1000 or the last page. 'PagesToScan' is the number of pages the script walks through before it sleeps. A number of 3 means it runns from the first to the third page and tries to find auctions to bid for, then it sleeps about 10 seconds less than the time left for the last auction of this page.

A value of 0 means it runns without stopping until the last page (or the silver runns out) ad then it sleeps about 2 hours (randomized). The Script can be stopped manually by clicking the 'Stop'-button.

It then stopps after the next (planed and prepared) action (this action can not be stopped except by manually changing to an other page e.g. You need to click 'Start' to make the script run again. The Script then proceeds by loading the same page where it was stopped and continues bidding. The Script allows to bid on any item, for non-consumables click at the bottom 'Add Item to List' to add an Item. Click the Price to change the price and click the 'X' to delete an item from the list. You must not add the same item twice to the list as this causes the second entry not to work and the delete button of the fist will delete both entries. If you somehow messed up the list e.g.

By using the previous version and ignoring the correct syntax, the whole list is still accessible and editable as in the previous version by the greasemonkey menue-user script commands. The Scripts allows to 'exclude Friends'; meaning: If a friend of you is the highest bidder, it will not bid against him. Click 'exclude Friends' ('Friends Setting' in T4.2/T4.4) to define a list of friends. The script always tells you what it is up to and when the script reaches an end because you run out of silver or reach the last page it is sleeping a while and starting all over again from the first page. Donate If you like this Script, because it saves you time and money, please consider donating 1/10th of the money this script saves for you to charity e.g. unicef(or Wikipedia(or any other project you think is useful for humanity.

To help with further development you can also support me with a small donation: (Donations by Bitcoin are also welcome: Bitcoin address: 1AvPemtxWZzA9zXRdjZghVbwPtWiMtUrpD Version History V2.8.4.: Script should now be able to recover from 502-Server-Errors. Thanks for $1 donation. This Script version was tested with T4.4 and it seems compatible without further adjustments.

V2.8.3.: Fixed a small bug for coloring lines. Added Link to Script page under the 'Auto-Bid Script:'(in T4.2 only) and I added code to make the Script recover from 503-Server-Errors and if a logout occurs the script should try to reload about once per hour (if you are running another bot at the same time in another tab, that bot might log-in and Auto-Bid can run on as well.). I removed user stats from the Script. Too much traffic for me.

Thanks for the $5 donation! V2.8.2.: Fixed bug which stopped the Script, when insufficient silver. V2.8.1.: Added user-stats (browser, Screen, Plug-In, Region. The usual) V2.8.: Fixed minor bug which stopped the automatic restart and finished implementing the use as passive tool: blue=own bids, purple = friends, red price is too high and green means items of interest.

Also added Advertisement during the sleeping time, sorry, but I need to make a little money with it to justify the time I spend making this Script. V2.7.6.: Fix to adapt for other ltr T4.2 versions ('eg','ir' and 'sy' server). I hope I got them now all. V2.7.5.: Fix of accounting page for T4.2. Not sure whether T4 accounting page still works. V2.7.4.: Fix to adapt for arabic T4.2 version ('ae' and 'sa' server). V2.7.3.: Fix for changes in T4.2 version.

Update as soon as the Script stops working on your T4.2 server. V2.7.2.: Changed update server. Thanks @Marti! V2.7.1.: Identified and solved bug in Friends-List in T4.2. V2.7.0.: Color of font indicates whether price is higher (red) or lower (green)then the set price. Allows to use the script without auto-bidding. V2.6.: Extended overview table at Silver Accounting page (not complete yet) V2.5.3.: Second table at bids page now also contains the price per item row.

When filtering for a certain item, you can easily get an overview of the prices for that item. V2.5.1.: Interface for other items more user-friendly. V2.5.1.:Included https-Adresses. V2.5.0.: T4.2 implementation complete including T4.2 design.

V2.4.8.: New feature: Bidding on specific weapons/armor now possible. V2.4.7.: T4.2 implementation fixed bidding problem. V2.4.6.: T4.2 implementation works. V2.4.5.2.: Fixed some minor bugs and started T4.2 implementation. V2.4.4.: Fixed 2 bugs due to automatic space deletion.

If there is a fried with a space in his name in your friend list, you need to correct this entry, since spaces are no longer deleted when storing this list. V2.4.3.: Changed enlish names of items for images V2.4.2.: Added automatic updater for new versions. If this feature works you will be informed about new versions of this script. V2.4.1.: price per unit shown an all other auction-pages. Bug-fix in Accounting table. V2.4.: Accounting page modification is now shown also at paused script and the bids-page has an additional column with price per unit shown, code for this is from and adjusted to my needs. V2.3.1: fixed bug in accounting page.


Page is still not shown when marked is paused. V2.3: Added Summery table at bottom of Silver accounting page.(see 2.screenshot) V2.2.1: Small bug fixes. V2.2.0: is now integrated into this script. A maximum of pages can be set the Script walks through before sleeping and finally the Script counts down before the next action starts. Script behaviour Old T4 design, T4.2 is on top of the page: ( (It is possible to use the Script just for certain items by filter the auctions for a certain item (the normal built in filter function with the 15 categories). When the Script then sleeps and wakes up, it will return to normal bidding without the filter, so if you really just want to buy a certain item, just set all other values to 0.

Be aware that the Script does disturb normal playing, when you are running it in the background. Certain actions like building and bidding require to send back a random number and if the number is not the same which was sent to you for the last action it will simply not do this action. So if your Dual or this Script makes a bidding while you are building, it is likely that your click does nothing but load the dorf1.php or dorf2.php. Since this Script is bidding all the time, it can drive Duals crazy, since they can not figure out why the village does not build the building. I have also rather good experience running it alongside of other bots like 'Travian AutoTask GotGs FX' and 'Travian Tactics'. These bots can make the account stay logged in and this way the script can run for days without interruption, but if you are too long logged in without interruption you will get banned, so dont forget to give your bot 'sleeping times'. Also Travian AutoTask GotGs FX masks bot activities by randomly loading repots,stats,IGM and other pages, so this Script did not get me banned yet and on my second test-server I had more than 1 Mio Silver in each of the 2 accounts it ran.

Disclaimer I do not take any responsibility what so ever what this script does to your account or your computer. It works for me well and if you want to use it, thats not my concern.

Notes Development for Firefox+Greasemonkey only! Chrome+tampermonkey seems to work as well(thanks @Corvo for pointing that out). Code: The code contains several functions adopted/adjusted from and there the functions are claimed to be from 'Travian: Antifarm Troop saver' (dont have a link, I will add it if someone tells me). Thanks to Marti for the autoupdater: great work! I am thankful for questions and suggestions and if you really like my Script, please become a fan or write a review.

Bugs -runns through pages even if silver -Accounting conclusion overlapps with control sidebar if not many entrees in the list. Need to redesign.restart in speedworlds too late, if run through all pages.allows to set a bid-value to an empty string.then the Script tries to bid on that item with NAN and stucks.(can be repaired by user Script command via Greasemonkey menue) Future development: - clean up bidding process - stop bidding when silvermin+cheapest pricesilver - Link to Script-Page in Script. User stats? I have no idea how many players are using this Script regularly. Between 500 and 20.000 is my guess. limit buying by number of goods - Better statistics e.g. By using IndexedDB and storing informations from different pages e.g.

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Average buy/sell price, stocked items and their value. auto-price - auto-sell - online/offline times - auto re-login? Not sure how to implement this, since I actually do not want the Script to run on the main page.