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The World's Foremost Open Source Grand Strategy Game. Community built maps, Axis and Allies game rules: Download TripleA. 100% open source, community run, free to play game. TripleA is a free and open-source turn based strategy game based on the Axis & Allies board. A wide variety of map scenarios have been developed for TripleA (e.g. Reduces the number of dice rolled making game depend more on strategy. As TripleA is fully free and DFSG conform in software and content, it is.

Map and Map Skin Making Overview:: Quick Nav. 1.0. 1.1.1. 2.0.

3.0. 4.0. 4.1.1. 4.1.2. 4.1.3. 4.1.4.

4.1.5. 4.1.6. 4.1.7.

4.1.8. 4.1.9. 4.1.10. 5.0. 10.0 Introduction to TripleA Maps, and Map Skins Welcome to the Map and Map Skin making tutorial. This will cover all points except for the actual game xml. Before we begin, a brief explanation is needed about skins, because actually there is no difference between 'map' and 'map skin'.

Games made for TripleA actually consist of 2 distinct parts: 1. The Map Skin The Map skin is all of the art files and display information needed for the map to show up on your screen.

Nothing here ever gets sent over the network or saved to a savegame, and users are free to change these files at will. This can be thought of as 'all files except for the games folder'. The Game XML The Game XML is a single xml file, containing the all of the information about the board setup, the game rules, how the game is played, etc. All of the information in this is parsed and saved as a GameData object, and all of it gets saved to savegames and sent over the network. Anything changed in here will affect any new games that are started with that game name (existing savegames are not affected, because all the information was parsed and saved long ago). The distinction is important because TripleA allows you to have multiple Map Skins for each game (as many as you want).

It also means that the game xml's, and the map skins, can be packaged and distruted separately. (Example: many game variations or 'mod' files contain only the game xml, and the game xml points to a specific Map Skin folder, which the user must already have to be able to start the game). An example of this is Napoleonic Empires, which comes with an alternative skin. Start up TripleA now to see it. Choose any of the Napoleonic Empires games, then start the game. Select 'View' from the menu, then hold your mouse over 'Map Skins' to show all available skins (if any). From there, click which Skin you want.

TripleA will automatically refresh the screen with your new skin active. There is NO SPECIAL DIFFERENCE between an alternative map skin, and the original map skin. Both treated the same by the engine, in that they are 'everything but the game xml'. So how does TripleA know which Skin is the default (original) skin, and which are the alternative skins?

The answer is the folder's name. The Alternative Skins are just the Original Skin's folder name, then '-' (dash), then their skin name. (The default/original folder's name must be the same name as referenced in the game xml's 'mapName' property.) So, if you had a map called 'minimap', and you made a second skin for it, you would name the folder 'minimap-mySkin' or 'minimap-AwesomeSkin', etc. Making Your First Map Skin in Under 5 Minutes The easiest way to make a map skin, is simply to copy another map's folder. So, to begin, navigate to either your triplea program folder, or your triplea user folder, then go into the 'maps' folder. Now select the game you want to copy.

For the example, we will use 'greatwar'. Copy and then Paste the entire map folder. Rename your folder so that it starts with the original map name, then '-', then your skin name. We will name our folder 'greatwar-CatInfantry'. Now, we should probably change something about our map to make it different. So, lets replace all the infantry with pictures of the Cheezburger Cat. Right Click and save this image as 'infantry.png' Now, open up your new map's folder, then open up the 'units' folder, then open up the 'Americans' folder.

Paste the image of your cat here. It should overwrite the existing 'infantry.png' image. Now do the same for all the other nations. Start TripleA and load up Great War in order to test your new map skin. Lil kim lighters up instrumental mp3 download. After starting the game, click 'View' and change your 'Map Skin' to the new 'CatInfantry' skin. OMG, the USA better enter the war soon, or else the Western Front will run out of Cheezburgers!

Obviously this probably not how you imagined your first map, or skin, but I think it is important to point out just how easy it can be to start changing stuff. You were probably able to do this all in less than 5 or 10 minutes. Any time you don't like ANYTHING about a map's visuals or display stuff, you can go in and either change the original art or display files, or make a skin. If you do a decent job of it, you could even distribute it to other players who are interested in viewing a map in a different way. The Map Creator Lets say you want to change more than just replacing the default unit images? Lets say you want to build a map from scratch? In this case, you will need to run all of the map maker utilities, as well as doing a little bit of preparation work.

The easiest way to run all the map maker utilities, is with the Map Creator utility. The Map Creator is nothing special. All it does is run the utilities for you, which you could do yourself using terminal or command line. Still, it does make things a little easier. Before we start the Map Creator, lets go over what you actually need to have ready before you begin.

A Territory Border Outline Map (PNG). The territories should be outlined in pure black (hex: 000000), with no anti-aliasing (smoothing), which means if look close enough it should be pixelated. There should not be any art, or anything, on the map. You will use this map to run all the utilities, and will also make it into your baseTiles. (Optional) A second map, same size, with art and and some texture. You normally make this map semi-transparent, and use it as the reliefTiles. The names of all your nations (TripleA comes with art for specific nation names, so it is advisable to use existing names if they exist.

Ie: Germans, not Germany). The name of your map. A small image of your map, normally 250 pixels wide. Just use '', or 'MS Paint', or 'Photoshop', or 'GIMP', or any other picture/image editor to take your map image and shrink it to be 250 pixels wide.

You can use any map image you want. Normally it is a political map of the earth, but it could be mars, or middle earth, or westeros, or whatever. If you do not have a Map Image, here is a good one to use.


Feel free to save it, and then change the territory borders as you see fit. Now that you have a map and stuff, you need to make the map folder. Go to your USER Maps Directory (not the program files directory) and create a new folder. Change the name of the folder to a simplified version of your maps name. The folder's name will be the 'mapName' property in any xml you make. Do not make the map name too long, and do not use special characters.

(ie: 'reddawn' is a good map folder name. '.RED DAWN.: The Inva$ion of the USA' is a bad map name, and maybe even illegal or not recognizeable by triplea.) If you are making an alternative skin for a map that already exists, then your map name must be original/default map folder's name, then '-', then your skin's name. Inside of your map folder, you need at a bare minimum, the following files and folders.

You can go ahead and make the folders now. For the files, you can move your map's territory border image there, any relief image, and the smallMap.jpeg. For the other files, they will be created later. Folders:. baseTiles. flags.

units. games (.Optional.

If you are making an alternative map skin, then do not make this folder!) Files:. centers.txt. polygons.txt. place.txt. smallMap.jpeg. yourterritoryborderimage.png (.Not actually required, but you should put it here anyway.) Example of a game folder with the bare minimum: In addition, there are some other optional Folders and Files.

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