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Page 5: Authorization, Older versions of cubase, Vst/audio units mac osx users


Moog Voyager PlugSE



VST/Audio Units

Download the version of the Moog Voyager PlugSE™ Editor for your computer platform (PC or MAC) and

audio workstation (VST or AU). Downloads are available from:

Once you’ve download and decompressed the .zip file, you will either have a .dll file for PC VST, a .vst file

for Mac VST or .component file for Mac AudioUnits.

Various DAWs have different requirements for the installation of plug-ins. Some have a plug-in folder in the

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same root folder as the application, while others have plug-in folder(s) in a generic location, allowing multiple
applications to share the same plug-ins. Refer to your DAW User Manual for the appropriate installation of the
PlugSE™ Editor.

Mac OSX Users

All Intel OS X Macs have a plug-ins folder in two locations. At the root/library/audio/plug-ins and also at user/

library/audio/plug-in. Just drop the version of the plug-in that you are installing into one of these locations,
restart your DAW and you should be ready to go!

For Mac users that wish to install the VST or AU version of the PlugSE™ file on a Mac running Lion (OSX

10.7), you will discover that the user Library folder is hidden. To access this folder, hold the Option key while
selecting the Go menu from the Finder.


With the plug-in properly installed, open your DAW and prepare a track in the same way you would to use

any other virtual instrument. Select “Voyager PlugSE™”.

Upon opening the PlugSE™ Editor for the first time you will be presented with a screen that gives you the

opportunity to authorize your plug-in. If you’ve already registered the plug-in, enter your name and registration
code exactly as indicated. If you haven’t yet registered, or simply wish to check out the PlugSE™ Editor, select
“DEMO” and you will run in demo mode with a restricted features set.

The demo limitations are:

• No file saving.
• No writing to the Voyager.
• No preset transmitting to the Voyager.
• Parameter changes are enabled only for first top five controls: LFO rate – Osc frequency.

Once you have authorized or selected demo mode, the main PlugSE™ screen will appear.

Older versions of Cubase

Some older versions of Cubase will not allow you to type your name and number in the registration window.

This is a limitation of Cubase. A work-around here is to use a word processor or text editor to assist in the
operation as follows:

Open the word processor and type in your name. Highlight the name and copy it, and then return to the Editor

registration window and paste the information into the ‘Name’ field. Repeat this process for the registration

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Popular manuals

MiniMogueVA is based on the popular analog Minimoog monosynth. This amazing softsynth sounds very close to the original Minimoog, yet has tons of additional features not present on the original Mini (as well as the Minimoog Voyager!). 5-note polyphony. Arpeggiator and 16-note Step Sequencer. Release knobs for the two Contour Generators (envelopes). Tuning of Osc 1, Fine Tuning sliders for Osc2 and Osc3. Aftertouch control, adjustable filter Velocity curve.

3 independent Overdrive sliders (one per oscillator). Global Overdrive with hi and lowpass cutoff, Oscillator Sync.

Chorus, an independent LFO that includes oscillator drift and stereo panning. Fully programmable Digital Delay.

5 / 5 Ok, so I saw all the comments saying how great this was and I figured they were just people happy to get a free VST. This thing is AMAZING. Like you will never get a better free anything in life amazing.:-) Seriously.

I went thru the first 30-40 sounds and was impressed with the quality at the lower bass range. No distortion or muffled garbage.then I realized I hadn't even got to the actual 'Basses' yet. If you are looking for something to give your bass lines some polish. You have arrived. Just download it now and enjoy. / 5 This is a KILLER VST! I'm wondering if anyone knows how to set it up to make that Emerson Brass Synth sound.

Moog Lover Feb 05 2018 Do you mean the brass sounds he used on the Works album songs, like on 'Fanfare For The Common Man'? If so, try flicking the switch that lets this beauty be polyphonic and you may find the sound you are looking for. Not sure which preset would be the most suitable. Love the Keith Emerson presets on this VST. Love everything about this VST. Apr 18 2018 I'd like to know how to get the settings for the brass sound of 'Touch and Go' as well as Pink Floyds soft brass on Shine On You Crazy Diamond Oct 02 2015. / 5 I love this, but I can't seem to configure my qwerty keyboard to play anything but the middle scale.

Where do I change this? I changed the base note, and now the lowest note on the synth board is lower, but the computer keyboard starts an octave higher, so that had no effect. Is this just not an option?

I love the sound, and I thought it would be an easy way of getting some simple keyboard bass on some songs, but if I can't configure the qwerty to work with it, it's not worth my trouble. / 5 I am having trouble getting the vsti to arpeggiate in record mode - I use Reaper. I can hear the actual notes I played, on playback, but not the arpeggiation I hear when the vsti is operating. Andy J Mar 05 2014 Hi, I've had the same problem, and although I haven't tried this yet, I'm going to set Audacity to record the audio coming through my laptop's speakers in an attempt to get a recording of the arppegiated sounds.

Might work, just a thought. Hope this helps. Jerry Fuentes Oct 22 2014 Hey guys, try using both 32/64 bit version, if that fails, record arp to wav using another DAW then bring it back into Reaper, Works great in Fl Studio check out the bass line I used from this synth Feb 12 2014.