Wad To Iso

List of all homebrew Wii. List of all homebrew. Motorola vip 1960-9db 256 manual. WBM_2.png' alt='Convert Wad To Iso File' title='Convert Wad To Iso File' />From Wii. Brew Applications. (To begin with, yes, I've googled, I've searched forums and I've 'read the manuals' for three days now with no relevant results that assisted me.) I'm fine up to the point where I have to convert the wads into isos. I've tried wad2iso v 4.6/4.7 as well as wii backup manager for both untouched.

09-16-2012, 02:36 AM
Hello to all
I very very very very very happy with dolphin. but i am crazy with 'wii menu'
I dump the rom nand version 2.2, put on dolphin userwii, in dolphin appear option Tool, Load wii system menu, the menu appear very well, but empty.
I have 10 favorites isos on my hard disk (windows 7 64 bits) how do for appear in wii system menu all my 10 games ???
On youtube i saw many videos all explain how add channel but nothing explain how do for add my isos games. but in thats videos appear mario kart, galaxy, zelda, wii party. all that games that i have.
I used 'show mii wad', but this add only wad file.
Some games little some has in properties , filesystem, partition0, _sys the RVL-NIGAoenNR-v??.wad, i extract wad file, with showmiiwads i append but not appear nothing in wii menu.
I read that the only programm that extract wad from iso is 'WBFS Manager.exe' but in windows 7 not work (i have 3 computer windows 7 64 bits).
Please i desire that i run only WII system menu and appear my 10 isos favorites games as in real wii.
Very thanks you.
(Excuses by my english)