Wyse C10le Firmware Upgrade

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Help With Firmware Update on C10LE WTOS Clients. Help With Firmware Update on C10LE WTOS Clients. I put my 2 firmware update files in that folder along with the text document with the ini I made with config gen (Thanks guys!). Beside writing about Dell Wyse clients, I am also deeply involved in Citrix, Microsoft, Nutanix and VMware. Help With Firmware Update on C10LE WTOS Clients. Hi everyone, First post here. The company I work at has a number of C10LE thin clients running WTOS and the firmware is getting pretty outdated.

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Wyse gave you free firmware updates for 90 days after purchase. Now that Dell is shipping the Dell branded Wyse products, you don't even get to upgrade to the firmware currently available at time of purchase. I just received several T10D units and they have version 8.0306 and the latest version is 8.0411. To get any firmware updates for Dell Wyse products, you have to purchase software maintenance on the devices. I am ok with requiring a maintenance agreement but at least ship your products with the latest firmware already installed! All this really causes is random (pirate?) sources on the internet to become firmware update download sources for those in need.

Often times the tech assigned to 'fix it now' needs the solution, finds it is a bug fixed in firmware, and is stuck sourcing the firmware via other means since they may not have the time, budget or ability to get the support agreement in place. Focusrite scarlett 2i4 serial number. It opens the hardware platform to potential issues too, since the seedy download may have been altered, malware injected, etc? Other than greed, there is no reason a hardware vendor would think this model is better.