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Yu-Gi-Oh Virtual Desktop: This is a very popular program used by many people and is probably the best available option currently. However, the controls and set up of the game is a bit complicated. Relive past Dueling glory with a Story Campaign that recounts the events from the Yu-Gi-Oh! Battle your opponent, and then take on the role of that character and Duel against the protagonist in a “Reverse Duel.”.

This story's been updated! Check out for lots of new info and free games! It took the smartypants at long enough but they've finally made it so you can play the on the internet! It's loaded with cards, and chances to show your incredible dueling skill by battling against people from all over the world. It even comes in different languages and lets you chat or trade! Online Dueling Basics The first thing you should know is that this yugioh game isn't free.

You can download and install it for free, but it costs money to play. What you need to do is go to a game store near you and snag a ' card. Each card has a bunch of points and each point is good for one duel. Another fun fact is that you can get this game on CD for free from the February 2005 Shonen Jump magazine! Downloading the Yu-Gi-Oh! Online Game for Free! So you want to duel do ya?

Here's the scoop on how to download, and install, the Yu-Gi-Oh! Online game onto your PC. to go to the website.

When the intro ends, click on the country where you live. Once the page has loaded, scroll to the bottom and click the Download' banner on the right hand side. Now, read the agreement and click on the ' I Agree' button if you agree. If you don't agree, you can't play the game. Click the Download button to download the game. A popup will appear asking you what to do with the file.

Choose to save it to your desktop so you can find it easily. Sit back and plan your deck as the monster file downloads. To play Yu-Gi-Oh!

ONLINE you must have a User ID. User Registration can be done Free of Charge. to get to the instructions page. When you get to the new page, bookmark that sucker! It's the instructions for the Yu-Gi-Oh! Online game and has links to all the info on installing and playing the game. Once you've installed the game, get ready to duel!

Online PC System Requirements To prove your skill as a duelist on the net, your computer needs to meet these requirements before you can draw a single card! Operating System: Windows® 2000/XP Processor: Pentium® III 600Mhz, Pentium® 4 2.80GHz recommended. RAM: 256MB RAM required, 512MB RAM recommended. Hard Drive: 2.0GB or more free space. Video Card: Must be DirectX® 9.0c Compatible VRAM 64MB Sound: Must be DirectX® 9.0c Compatible Internet: 256Kbps minimum Related Stories:.

It has been a long time since we mentioned, the official place, operated by Konami, to play Yu-Gi-Oh against people from all over the world. Here are some important updates: Yu-Gi-Oh! Online A major update, called Duel Evolution, was recently released. You can now make your own avatars and walk around Domino City and the Duel Academy, both locations from the. You still start with a basic 42-card and need to duel in order to earn more.

However, you do start with 10 Duelpasses whenever you make a new account. You need these to pay for duels.

Extra Duelpasses will need to be earned in game, or bought with real money at a store. Free Versions If you do not feel like paying real money to duel online, try out any of these free versions: Yu-Gi-Oh Virtual Desktop: This is a very popular program used by many people and is probably the best available option currently. However, the controls and set up of the game is a bit complicated. But the game does come with an that often has a lot of people who are willing to help and also to duel with you! Conexant modem driver hsfi. Kaiba Corp Virtual Duel System: This is a manual, flash based version of the game that is still under construction. It is probably more trouble than it is worth at the moment, since keep track of and other things require complicated controls.

BYOND: BYOND features three different that you can use to play online. These are all flash based games and are very simple in graphics and gameplay. The best of the three is probably Duel Monsters Unlimited. It is sometimes difficult to get a game going and some of the programs offered is not very stable and prone to crashes.

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